Rise of the Runelords

Session Thirty-Six

Danger o' Clock

Present Players:  Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda, Aurelia, Jaren


Session Notes:

Out of the hay charges a large golem seemingly sewn together of various human parts with thick wire and rope. It lays into Eydan staggering him with heavy blows. Purrcival realizes it is some strange sort of flesh golem and tells the party to use fire to slow the creature down. With the knowledge fire slows the creature Aurelia and Feda make it sluggish while the rest of the party whales on it with their blows. The creature's tough hide stops some of the damage, but they soon batter it down despite its bulk. Rather than searching the first floor they decide to continue upward to preserve the most time they can from  their buff spells. Eydan is turned invisible by Aurelia, and he scouts the stairs that lead up into the tower. The stairs wrap around the inside of the tower but are poorly constructed and have not aged well over the Shadow Clock's lifespan. Eydan quickly moves upward but soon finds a 20 foot gap of stairs missing. He lets the party know and then manages to nimbly leap the gap with the help of his magic ring of jumping. Feda not fancying a jump searches the first floor, but comes up empty besides a moldy leather pouch from the flesh golem's haystack.


Continuing upward Eydan manages to find an area where the stairs have completely collapsed. While he investigates this a large snap is heard from the top of the tower and one of the four large bells that were at the top of the clocktower plummets toward the party. It luckily misses the squishy party members, but Jaren takes it on the chin and then falls some seventy feet to the ground as the large bell collapses the stairs beneath the fighter. After the dust settles Jaren manages to brush himself off not that much worse for wear, but he recommends the others take the stairs instead of the fast trip down. The rest of the party heads back down, but Eydan does manage to snap a shot off at the silhouette that dropped the bell. It lets out a strangle whistling shriek as the arrow hits home and the party recognizes it as another one of the faceless stalkers. The party regroup downstairs and debate their next steps. Eventually they vote against leaving the tower to get outside help because they are worried whoever is at the top of the tower may escape. They eventually agree to turn Jaren and Eydan invisible and smuggle the rest of the party in a bag of holding. With the benefits of the monkey fish wand the two of them manage to easily scale the tower's crumbling limestone walls and at the top they find a very bored looking faceless stalker slowly running his fingers through the whirls and whorls that makeup the creature's face. Jaren has a quick internal debate about kicking it off the tower but decides that getting the party out is more important and bypass the creature. The next level of the tower is accessed by using a rough stairwell built into the upper levels of the tower. The level appears to be part rookery and part machinery, and inside Jaren hears more of the strange faceless stalkers talking. Eydan and Jaren again bypass the fight and head to the top of the tower. At the top they search but don't find anything besides the pillows and silk behind an angelic statue that has a more malicious tint to it with the age and moss that grows on it.


Eventually Jaren decides it is safe and begins pulling out party members from the bag of holding. It is a long process since the bag is overfilled with weight. He first draws Aurelia is still invisible from earlier, she silently crawls out seeing that her party members are still hidden. Next is Purrcival who is not invisible and when he hits the floor and sees himself on alone on the tower he is given pause which quickly turns to panic as a strange half snake half human woman appears out of nowhere. It reveals itself just as the spell it was casting finishes and Aurelia (invisibly) falls into a deep slumber next to her party. Jaren itches to join the fight but continues slowly drawing the rest of the party as Eydan breaks his invisibility with a volley of arrows. Purrcival gets away from the dangerous snake lady and begins his comedy routine. Finally, Jaren gets the two clerics out of the bag and prepares to join the fight about the time when the faceless stalkers from below show up to the battle. The lamia tries to turn Purrcival to stone using her magical mask, but the cat resists the effects with an effort of fortitude. Surrounded, the faceless stalkers manage to knock Eydan unconscious while the rest of the party groups up to facedown the Lamia.


DM Notes:

  • I intentionally delayed the party from having easy flight to see how they'd figure out the tower. They managed to do so pretty well, but them staying invisibility to so long made the fight on the roof harder.
  • The Lamia was invisible waiting after the bell drop and neither group could perceive the other which made for an awkward few moments as Jaren and Eydan scoped it out.
  • I didn't even get to use the Major Image the book suggests the Lamia use to distract the party, but that's good because illusions in combat can be awkward.
  • This fight is going to be pretty tough, the Lamia got a few more rounds than expected since the party had to slowly extract from the bag of holding


Rewards / Loot:

  • Coins from the moldy leather sack (128 Gold Pieces, 309 Silver Pieces)
  • A tarnished silver ring (75 Gold)
  • A silver mirror (50 Gold)


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Scarecrow, Awakened Flesh Golem
  • Falling Bell Trap
  • Shadow Clock Climb


End Date: Desnus 26



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