Rise of the Runelords

Session Thirty-Seven

Leaping Lamias

Present Players:  Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda, Aurelia, Jaren


Party reaches Level 7


Session Notes:

After being surprised by a Lamia appearing out of nowhere and the party finally getting out of the bag the battle joins in earnest. The gods were not with the party as they were sullied by relatively weak healing magics which allowed Xanesha to keep the upper hand at first with Jaren being nauseated by Xanesha's enchanted spear and Feda being left with crushing despair in the aftermath of the magic. However, luck quickly turned on the lamia as Jaren repeatedly ignored her five mirror images and hit with devastating blow after devastating blow. Vincent manages to skirt the edges of the battle and bring Eydan back to consciousness before death could snatch him. Vincent even managed to protect the archer from Xanesha's attack using his shield to block any errant spearing. With Eydan rejoined in the battle and making good use of his seeking bow to also ignore the mirror images Xanesha is forced to retreat by jumping off of the tower. As she is falling she casts feather fall, but is unable to turn invisible thanks to an earlier glitter dust form Purrcival. The range is no issue for Eydan and Aurelia who continue to rain pain down on the fleeing snake but Jaren is frustrated with his inability to follow. Feda comes to the rescue by tossing Jaren her snapleaf which turns him invisible and enables him to also benefit from a feather fall spell. She tries to prolong her life with a sanctuary spell which stymies Eydan's arrow storm, but Aurelia and Jaren pay it no heed and continue to blast and slash at the monster. This assault proves too much for the Lamia and she is vanquished with a final slash from Jaren's enchanted blade.


After the excitement is over and the party heals up they spend some time looting. In an impressive display, Vincent joins Jaren down at the base of the tower using his magical boots to leap from the tower. Jaren manages the gathering crowd while Vincent fetches some support from the Cathedral of Abadar. The cathedral brings in support and helps manage the scene while the rest of the party carefully escape the top of the tower. They reconvene with Jyronn at the temple to discuss what went down and the party's next steps. From Xanesha's stash they managed to recover a few different burned notes from a brazier, and with the help of some divine magic are able to fully repair the notes. One describes a cult in Palin's Cove known as the Feasters of the Heart that seems to be applauding the Lamia's efforts in Magnimar, and the cult is seemingly in the process of bringing a second Runelord back to life. The other note is from someone calling Xanesha sister, and is bragging about their own efforts in the small town of Turtleback Ferry. The note also makes mention that there was a plot to murder Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras, but that has seemingly been put to rest with the destruction of the Brotherhood of the Seven and Xanesha.


The party spends the next few days taking a break from their recent hectic life of adventure to do some training and to continue to decipher the notes from Judge Ironbriar's ledger. They eventually do get it translated and it confirms that he has been a guilty party leading the Brotherhood of the Seven his entire tenure as a judge. It goes on to say that he was involved with the Vorel Foxglove and recently made a tidy sum of gold by selling something known as 'Vorel's Legacy' to the Red Mantis Assassins though the purpose is unknown. The session ends with the party having a meeting with the Lord-Mayor and a trip to Palin's Cove in their future


DM Notes:

  • The book's climatic battle went pretty well. The dice were definitely helping the players a bit with some real unlucky mirror image rolls and Xanesha spending at least a couple of rounds being completely useless with a spear, but sometimes the dice gods can be fickle beasts.
  • I offered everyone a chance to swap characters and retrain a bit between books just in case someone was growing bored with a character. In my experience, it is a lot easier to swap a character between adventures rather than having someone suddenly become suicidal in the middle of a book.



Rewards / Loot:

  • 33,000 Copper
  • 8,100 Silver
  • 900 Gold
  • 100 Platinum
  • Assorted Jewelry (Mostly Silver and Emerald) 4,200 Gold
  • Four Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Ring of the Osprey
  • Golembane Scarab
  • Enduring Bloom Morningstar
  • Boots of Escape
  • Medusa Mask
  • Impaler of Thorns
  • Snakeskin Tunic
  • Partially burned notes in small brazier


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Xanesha and 4 Faceless Stalkers


End Date: Desnus 31~



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