Rise of the Runelords

Session 24

Foxglove Manor, not a good place

Present Players:  Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan

Session Notes:

The party was feeling a bit of pressure due to the magical compulsion Jaren was now carrying, but decided they would at least explore the upper floors of the home before deciding if they needed to leave. The group does a bit more exploration on the first floor. Aurelia takes the red and gold scarf that was found in the library, and the group identify the strange mummified monkey skull near the stairs as a hungry decapitant, a type of alarming device. They decide to take the strange magic item before heading upstairs. As the group gathered up to head upstairs, with Jaren staying close to Eydan's magic circle, the scarf Aurelia was carrying suddenly pounced from her hand and attempted to strangle Jaren. The party saw a vision of an enraged Aldern charging at the Jaren carrying the scarf and the spectral figure attempts to strangle him, but Jaren is able to hold off the apparition and it fades with a sigh dropping the scarf on the ground. On the second floor they followed a familiar pattern with Eydan opening each door and cautiously identifying each room from the relative safety of the hall. During the exploration they were able to find a stairwell up to the top floor of the building. The lock was smashed shut and listening carefully the party was able to hear a woman sobbing upstairs. Again, the party decided to let Eydan eye the rooms from the relative safety of the hall before investigating the various fungus covered rooms. In the final room in the attic they find the source of the sobbing. Kneeling before a mirror is an undead Iesha Foxglove; she has terrible wounds around her throat looking as if she was choked to death but something didn't stick with the whole being dead thing. Vincent recognizes the undead figure as a revenant, it is an undead creature returned to unlife with the sole purpose of finding and killing its murderer. However, the creatures can be stuck in a permanent state of self-loathing if they are faced with a memento of their former lives or forced to look at their form with a mirror. The party beats a quick retreat and discusses how to deal with the undead creature. They are relatively certain that it will lead them to Aldern (going by the presumption that the haunt Jaren saw earlier was Iesha's death).

Before activating the undead homing missile the party decides to investigate the rooms they had previously scouted for more information on what happened at this terrible house. (DM Note: The party visited every room in the house, but the following order may not be exactly correct). Exploring a child's room unlocked a haunt that seemed to focus in on Eydan. He suddenly heard a child sobbing and receives a vision of hiding under the bed while his mother and father appear to be fighting to the death. His father Vorel appears to be covered in terrible tumors and diseases wielding a long knife, while his mother fends him off with a lit torch. The vision fades as the parents begin fighting. The next room overlooks the bay, but similar to the first floor rather than showing the beautiful view there are colored glass windows depicting a variety of strange figures. Purrcival chats with the rest of the party a bit and recognizes them as spell components associated with necromancy, particularly the components related to the transformation to lichdom. The party connects the dots that the windows downstairs with the box covered in runes is most likely a representation of a lich's phylactery. In the attic there is an old observatory with two beautiful stained glass  windows depicting two wizards. One of them is partially shattered, but despite the damage Purrcival recognizes them as Arazne, the Harlot Queen of Geb, and Socorro, the butcher of Carrion Hill, both of which are associated with the process of turning into a lich. As the party explores the room they recover a telescope that needs to be repair, but could be valuable if it was fixed. During the exploration Aurelia is struck with another vision, she feels hit blossom from within and suddenly feels as if she is on fire. She sprints toward the unbroken window trying to get to the sea below to extinguish the flames but snaps out of it before flinging herself 300 feet to the ocean below. The rest of the party says the shadowy shapes of a haunt form as Cyralie Foxglove attempts to throws a lit lantern against a corner of the room. As the fire explodes out of the shattered glass Traver redirects the fire back onto his wife who throws herself through the (now) broken window. Exploring one of the master bedrooms that is strangely mold free Purrcival appears to become entranced with a piece of wood lying on a table near a dark stain. As he reaches for it Vincent tackles him to the ground before any shenanigans can happen. Purrcival explains he felt despair and the urge to kill himself before whatever caused him to kill his wife could take over again. In another part of the house the party explored a thoroughly ruined bedroom with a portrait turned toward the wall. As the party turns the portrait around they see a painting of a beautiful Varisian woman who Purrcival recognizes as Iesha. When Feda sees the portrait she is struck with a rage that Iesha is cheating on her and wants to strangle Aurelia. However, she fights off the haunt's effect and doesn't act on the foreign emotion. In another child's room Vincent feels his face begin to itch, and the party is horrified to see terrible tumors and rot utterly cover his face. Vincent begins to tear at the diseased skin and does a fair amount of damage before he is able to resist the haunt. The rest of the party attempt to just get him out of the room, but the stout cleric barely moves to their attempts. In a well-appointed study in the attic Purrcival feels a wave of depression knowing he will never again get to adventure like he used to because of his damnable wife. He shakes off the feeling, but recognizes it as Traver's foreign thoughts. The last haunt the party encountered was in the portait hall. Inside were portraits showing the generations of Foxgloves who have lived in the manor. As the portraits are cleared the haunt suddenly manifests showing each portrait at the time of their death. Vorel Foxglove explodes into fungus that begins to engulf the room. Kasanda and Lorey are both engulfed in tumors similar to what Vincent suffered. Traver's throat is slit and blood cascades down his chest. Aldern becomes ghoulish and drawn looking. Iesha's throat turns dark purple and her eyes bulge. Cyralie becomes burnt and broken. The last two portraits of Aldern's sisters ice over, but show no wounds on their bodies. Vincent acts quickly and negates the haunt with a burst of positive magic. The fungus covers the room but leaves the occupants untouched. With the rooms searched the party returns to Revenant Iesha and break the mirror. She springs up with a horrifying yell and begins to hunt down Aldern. She quickly makes her way down to the first floor and begins to dig through the rug with the strange spiral fungus in the main hall. It doesn't take her long to completely rip through the floor and drop into a hall. Below the party can see a torn up stone floor leading into a spiral limestone staircase. Eydan is the first to drop down, and he receives a vision of Aldern digging through the stone feverishly muttering, "for you". As he break through a swarm of ghouls reach up out of the darkness and tear him to shreds. The party sees this reflected on Eydan as he is covered in claw and bite wounds all over his body.


The party quickly recovers and heals Eydan before cautiously following the Revenant down into the basement. They deal with a few ghouls who were in the corridor with ease and the session ends with the party still doggedly following the revenant of Iesha Foxglove.


Bonus Purrcival Notes:

Purrcival has done a good job keeping track of the Misgivings' story so I'm going to include his notes from last session below:

  • Vorel and Kasanda Foxglove were the first occupants.  Kasanda might’ve escaped with their daughter Lorey (they both died of tumorous growths).  Traver (Vorel’s great nephew) and his wife Cyralie moved in with their boy and two girls Aldern, Sendelli, and Zeeva, respectively.  Cyralie was found dead on the rocks below the manor—burned.  Traver was found dead by his own hand in his bedroom.  Aldern eventually moved back in and probably killed his wife Iesha (he did and became ghoul while she became a revenant).
  • Mold colors:  Pale white in couch room and sickly yellows around the first floor.
  • There’s like a spiral staircase mold pattern under the rug.  Mold colors:  Dark blue, sickly green, and black.  (Same for canvas spiral on easel, I think.)
  • No secret doors detected on the first floor.
  • Scarf that Aurelia had leapt from her to try and wrap around Jaren’s throat.  (Aurelia had triggered the manticore haunt previously (Cyralie), and Jaren is under that suggestion from the dust whirlies (Kasanda).)  The scarf makes Jaren feel like his husband Aldern lost his mind and was attacking him.  Aldern was coming after him with the scarf.  Jaren believed he was Aldern’s wife Iesha.
  • As we went up the stairs, we heard that sobbing again.  Mold colors:  Green and yellow.
  • Child’s room has a fireplace large enough for a child to get lost in it.  Mold colors:  Mishmash of yellow and white.  Eydan hears a child sobbing.  He’s a child (Lorey) hiding under his bed seeing his mother with a torch fighting his father who’s festered with tumors wielding a knife.
  • Found a set of five windows that refer to some sort of necromancy.  With assistance, we realize these are specifically for a lich.  Box from the windows downstairs are related to lich, as well.  (Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit)
  • Aside from a dark stain on a desk, one room seemed mold-free.  Got hit with a Traver haunt.  Was reaching for a “dagger” but Vincent tackled my ass to the ground.  Felt that in a moment of lucidity, he chose to kill himself before whatever compelled him to kill Cyralie took him over again.
  • Found one room on the second floor that was trashed (master bedroom).  The portrait that was turned against the wall was Iesha.  Feda was overcome with hatred of women (Aldern).  She was able to resist it, but she did feel that Aldern killed Iesha and hid her body.  Believed Iesha was cheating on him.
  • Another bedroom is caked with “spongy” layers of the dark green, blue, and black molds (guest bedroom).  We hear a child asking “What’s on your face, mommy?” and then Vincent feels his face itch.  We see an overlay of tumorous skin over Vincent as he claws at his face.  Kasanda.  Had to run away from the caverns beneath the basement and went to her daughter’s (Lorey) room.  Felt the evil was already in that room.  Died there tearing at her face.
  • Lock on attic door was broken.  Lots of repair items are in the attic.  (For some reason, even the attic has a shit-ton of doors.)  When the fifth door was opened, we heard a shriek from the north.  -Found windows depicting Arazne, the Harlot Queen of Geb, and Socorro, the Butcher of Kieran(?) Hill.  Well-known in lichdom, and the Socorro window was broken.  (In observatory with broken telescope.)  When we search the observatory, I smell burning flesh coming from Aurelia.  Tried to stop the fire, but she was set aflame and tried to run out the unbroken window.  We see the shadowy figures of a man (Traver) and Cyralie.  They get into fight, she tries to burn the place, gest set on fire by Traver, and winds up jumping out the Socorro window.
  • Found Iesha undead and crying in front of a mirror in the attic.
  • I get haunted in the room with scrolls.  I hear pages rustling and get memories of voyages and adventures, but they aren’t real memories because I’m married to a terrible woman.  Felt like I had done great travels, but got hit with a wave of depression.  That was Traver.
  • Find a painting in the scroll room—“Throwdown in Swynetown” by Magnimarian artist Andosalu.
  • Back on the second floor in the room with the paintings, the figures morph into how they died:  Vorel explodes into the fungus, Kasanda and Lorey are engulfed in tumors, Traver’s throat is slit, Cyralie’s body is broken and burnt, Aldern becomes a ghoul, and Iesha’s throat gets effed up, but Aldern’s two sisters just freeze over.  We don’t know what that means for Sendelli and Zeeva.
  • Finally decide to try and get Iesha to hunt down Aldern.  She’s very good at wailing and scaring the poop out of us.  When she makes it to the first floor, she begins to tear through the spiral stain and drops down.  Eydan get hits with a haunt as soon as we drop in.  He notices an increase in the smell of rotten flesh.  Gets a vision of Aldern breaking through the floor while repeatedly saying, “For you.”  He sees a number of ghouls jump up and damn near tear him to shreds.


DM Notes:

  • A lot happened this session, so I may not have captured everything in the right order.
  • The Misgivings has been a lot of fun so far. The party (Purrcival in particular) is doing a good job of piecing together the story told by the various haunts and the tragedy that unfolded at the Foxglove Manor
  • Despite the obvious dangers of the house, the heroes are standing together in hopes of fending off the haunts together. Overall it had mixed results, sometimes it proved a benefit and sometimes endangered a couple of people needlessly. For what it is worth I think it is a good tactic.
  • We ended at a good point with the revenant storming through the house.
  • There was a lot of good debate on how to deal with Iesha, but Vincent made a clutch knowledge religion (Nat 20) to learn a lot about revenants. That made them a lot more confident in just getting out of the way and unleashing the beast on her murderer (who they know is Aldern at this point)



Rewards / Loot:

  • Red and Gold Scarf (100 GP)
  • Hungry Decapitant (Alarm spell on  a mummified monkey skull) (500 GP)
  • Scroll of Lightning Bolt (CL5)
  • Scroll of Keen Edge (Cl5)
  • 2 Vials with foul residue
  • Copper Key
  • The throw down in Swynetown – An original by a Magnimarian artist (600 GP)
  • 20 Platinum Pieces
  • Broken Telescope (500 GP, has to be repaired first)
  • Decorative Silver Candelabras (50 GP)


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Haunts

    • Iesha's Vengeance (Jaren)
    • Frightened Child (Eydan)
    • Phantom Phage (Vincent)
    • Misogynistic Rage (Feda)
    • The Stricken Family (Vincent, Purrcival, Aurelia)
    • Suicide Compulsion (Purrcival)
    • Plummeting Inferno (Aurelia)
    • Unfulfilled Glories (Purrcival)
    • Ghoulish Uprising (Eydan)
  • Collapsing Floor
  • 3 Ghouls
  • Iesha Revenant (In Progress)

End Date: Desnus 12







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