Rise of the Runelords

Session 21


Present Players:  Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Purrcival, Feda, Eydan

Will be Level 5 at the beginning of next session.


Session Notes:

The party left the temple with the bodies they found being desecrated by the wrathspawn. To their surprise as they left the large indentation in the earth that held the temple there was a massive rumble an what appeared to be a wave of earth filling it in. As the wave rushed toward them and the party ran for cover, Aurelia noticed pules of energy coming from the orb that the party found on the more tattooed body. The wave of earth stopped at the bowl's edge with a strange rippling of the earth. After the party determined it was safe they approached to investigate which caused a strange keening sound to emit from the orb. Unsure exactly what just happened the party returned to the camp for lack of better options. They convened with the expedition leaders and were informed they had found an "Eye of Wrath". It is an instrument used by agents of Alaznist to find, hide, and unlock caches spread throughout her realm and her enemies. The party determined the corpses' tattoos were Thassilonian in origin, but did not recognize what it signified. Mersoolian was able to tell the party he was sold the information by an adventurer from Magnimar, Rollo Sven, but he didn't know how to get in touch with the man after getting the temple's location. The expedition leaders were not as disappointed as the party expected about the now covered temple, instead focusing on the potential that the eye could represent for future endeavors. Before leaving the island, Eydan takes the night to go game hunting where he happens on a strange cat like beast that seemed to be able to summon mist from the ground. The two played cat and mouse for a bit, before Eydan gave the creature the slip. Purrcival recognized Eydan's tale as a Bodmin, a large cat able to both summon and see through mists. They're dangerous but prefer to ambush the unaware and Eydan had been skilled enough to spot the hunting beast before it could spring. The next day the expedition boards the Winking Wyvern back to Magnimar with little to show for the journey beyond what riches the orb could represent in the future.


The party takes the opportunity to Magnimar to buy a few sundries and magical items. Feda insists that the party return to Sandpoint for Ameiko's coronation, so a few of the party members decide to dress up for the coronation. Aurelia especially gets into the occasion and buys a monstrosity of a dress that billows with colors and doesn't make so much of a statement as exclaim it from the rooftops (though what it is exclaiming is a bit lost in the overall loudness, the dress is clearly very enthusiastic about it). Though the party is itching to find Rollo, they honor they prior engagement and head back to Sandpoint. On his return to the Rusty Dragon, Vincent is greeted by Skivver, the (ex)-familiar of the wizard from Nualia's band. Skivver seems particularly distracted by Vincent's pack and after a bit of digging retrieves a toy mouse seemingly fairly pleased. Bethana has a few words about Vincent leaving his cat around, but accepts it staying around as long as Vincent keeps it out of her kitchen. Jaren does some of his own investigating and determines it would be appropriate to invite a date to the festivities, but when he tries his luck wooing Sevah he is left disappointed. Purrcival gamely convinces the scholarly society of Sandpoint to investigate the tattoos that were found on the bodies and with their scholarly pride on the line they agree to show Mersoolian up by finding the root of the symbols. Feda and Jaren work together to get the promised Thassilonian guard statues from Thistletop back to Sandpoint, fulfilling their bargain with Ilsoari. Aurelia goes and sees her old mentor Risa who seems impressed by her continued growth in magic, and regals her with stories of Sandpoint's founding concerning the Scarnetti's double dealings with the native Varisians.


After a  few days of downtime in Sandpoint the party begins. Eydan heads directly to the booze and finds Shalelu already deep in her cups. He gladly dives into that swimming pool and contributes by bringing out some Orcish rotgut. Aurelia tries to woo the Scarnettis in the hopes of gaining funding for the party's eventually regarrisoning of Thistletop but even her charm offensive cannot get through to the prickly couple. Feda meets with the elder Valdemar, Ethram who asks her and the party to join him at his estate later for some discrete business. Vincent offers Leodak any assistance he may need for the party and chats with Ameiko a bit having not known her as long as the rest of the party. Purrcival admires Ilsoari's familiar, Pett's shiny baubles and greets Mayor Deverin who reminds him that the party should convince the nobles to help fund their expenses at restocking Thistletop. Jaren meets Sevah and is surprised to meet his date, the clothier's guild mistress Rynshynn. The two ladies chat with Jaren a bit and offer to set him up with Hayliss Korvaski, the owner of Sandpoint's Boutique.


DM Notes:

  • A solid session that mostly consisted of social play.
  • As a DM I view D&D / Pathfinder as a trifecta of social aspects (Roleplaying, story elements, etc.), exploration (adventuring, planning, dealing with natural hazards), and combat.
  • I think I'm best at running interesting combats and setting the right atmosphere with environment and creature descriptions (though, I'm not consistent at the latter as I'd prefer. I think I depend on "tribal" knowledge of what some creatures are which leaves the newer players with an unclear picture sometimes).
  •  My weakest aspect is definitely the social aspects especially making each NPC unique and memorable. I'm working on it, and Ameiko's ball is good (but scary) practice. I will say this group has made it easier than some of my past gaming groups by doing a good job being involved and paying attention to the game.
  • I appreciate the different reactions from the characters for the ball. Everyone seemed entirely consistent with how they've been played so far. The characters I expected to dress up did and Eydan disappointed no one by diving into the cups near instantly.



Rewards / Loot:



Challenges / Monsters:



End Date: Desnus 10



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