Rise of the Runelords

Session 19

Just People Bones

Present Players:  Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Purrcival


Session Notes:

The party spends a few days in Sandpoint crafting a few minor trinkets and mostly relaxing before heading out to the Hollow Mountain on Mersoolian's expedition. Mersoolian soon arrives on the Winking Wyvern helmed by Sheila Heidmarch. She strikes the party as a competent, no-nonsense captain, and she and her crew make for a swift comfortable voyage across the Varisian bay. The party soon arrives at Rivenrake Isle and to their surprise they find a fully functioning and completely decimated campsite. Mersoolian introduces the party to his two fellow venture-leaders of the Magnimar's Ruin Exploration Consortium. Halla Beusophis is a business minded archeologist who is equally interested in the knowledge available in ancient ruins as the profit that can be found within. She is originally from Korvosa but had a spat with her family that caused her to strike on her own with what the party gleans is a sizable nest egg. It becomes pretty clear she is bankrolling the majority of this operation when the party is introduced to the last venture-leader. Kovo Murse who seemed completely uninterested in the party or any of the conversation and is lost in a thick scroll seems to become a different person as Jaren shows the slightest interest in his work. Kovo enthusiastically describes his theory to Jaren. There is a moment where Jaren almost breaks the man's heart by admitting he isn't completely enthralled, but he lets the man continue. Kovo describes a theory that hasn't gotten him many friends in Magnimar's academic circles, he thinks that Lissala was once a goodly deity that was corrupted by the Runelords over the ages. Kovo describes the seven sins associated with Lissala were once the seven virtues. He makes sure that Jaren stays on the lookout for any supporting evidence. After Kovo finally stops rambling about his theories, Halla leads the party out to the temple site. The temple is in the very center of a smooth half mile wide bowl surrounded by the ruins of Xin-Bakrakhan. The party takes it slow investigating the edges of the indention but aren't able to determine how it came about. After some inconclusive investigations the party decides it seems pretty safe to head toward the temple. Feda sets up some ropes and the party begins to climb down the relatively steep and unnaturally smooth cliff. The party is slowly making their way down when a trio of harpies begin to circle the party. Jaren makes a swift, but luckily, controlled descent as the harpies swoop in to attack. Eydan, Aurelia, and Vincent find themselves on the top of the cliff face. Vincent shows off his fancy new magic boots as he leaps over the edge. The boot's enchantment stops him from taking much damage and he sticks the landing. Aurelia falls under sway to the captivating song of one of the harpies and tumbles off of the edge to the party below. Eydan manages to resist the song's allure and tries to fill the harpy singing with arrows. The rest of the party is protected by Purrcival's bard song, and Feda lands a blinding spell on the two harpies that have yet to join the battle. The blinding spell plus the not so disadvantaged party convinces the harpies that there are easier meals elsewhere. The party stays on the defensive for a while longer before continuing toward the temple. As they get near to the temple they find the ground covered in humanoid ivory bones all pushing toward the structure. The structure is protected by abjuration magic and shows no sign of the thousands of years it has stood undisturbed. The central chamber has a large mosiac of Lissala's holy symbol across the floor and a crushed statue of some unidentifiable form. Across the chamber leers a hulking 16-foot statue of a monstrous being consisting of toothy maws and dangerous looking tentacles. It stands in a five foot deep trough covered in dry red-brown stains that have long dried. Purrcival recognizes it as Yamasoth, a nascent qlippoth lord. He explains to the party that the qlippoth were the things that lived in the abyss before the demons moved in corrupting souls. The party finds a number of twisted stone statues leering with demonic looking visages spread across the bottom of the trough. High on the statue of Yamasoth hangs a gold and ivory mask held together by red silk. The party decides to explore a bit before tackling the statue dedicated to the qlippoth lord. In an adjacent antechamber they find a statue that appears to be suffering from torture wounds, but has a slight smile underneath. The statue is wearing a magical leather belt and a non-magical iron mask that the party recognizes as a replica of a Acrimony Veil. The Acrimony Veil is an ancient magic item Alaznist would grant to her favored servants. The party removes the replica mask with a mage hand, but as they tug it off the statue it crunches its teeth together shattering them across the room. Purrcival and Aurelia both try to dive out of the room as the statue unleashes super-heated steam, but only Aurelia makes it out in time. Seconds later a slightly singed Purrcival staggers out. They volunteer Eydan go retrieve the belt which proves to be an Heavyload Belt which the party hands over to Jaren so he can haul all the loot. After some debate the party decides to take the silk hanging from the statue and as Jaren lifts Aurelia up to grab the item hanging from the tentacle they hear skittering across the chamber. Eight strange spiders covered in runes scuttle down from the room's pillars. The party makes relatively quick work of the spiders and takes only minor damage from their claws and electric webbing.



DM Notes:

  • The players totally expected everyone to be dead. They aren't … Yet
  • I'm glad the harpies were able to lure someone over the edge. That's all I really wanted.
  • This party cannot roll perception checks to save their life…literally.
  • Jaren tried to go down the hole before looking at the statue. He was outvoted by an adventurous Aurelia swaying the party.
  • It was interesting to see how the party acted without the more experienced/decisive players of Feda and Eydan.


Rewards / Loot:

  •  Heavyload Belt
  • A piece of the Acrimony Veil (Brow and Nose Guard)


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 8 Runespinners
  • 3 Harpies


End Date: Desnus 4



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