Rise of the Runelords

Purrcival's Session 26

Colonel Jaren Sanders

-Apparently, we got jumped by some rats.

-A carrion storm was waiting for us outside the house.  Couldn't figure what to do, so Aurelia stepped out and demolished quite a good bit of them.  We were worried about the numbers, but Aurelia made the right call.

-The suggestion was still on Jaren, so he tried to run off with Vincent.  Luckily, they're slow.

On the way back to Sandpoint, we spot a muddy man-Maester Grump—running from something like the dickens.  He's a farmhand.  Went to the Hambley Farm near the Meddles' place to deal with scarecrow-like creatures that've been eating people and livestock.

-Crad Hambley is a cheapskate farmer who seems to be better off than his neighbors.  Has a wife and three sons.

The Meddles' place was riddle with dead and undead bodies-including a horse and chickens.  So.  Many.  Chickens.  Jaren obliterated those chickens.

-Onward to the Hambleys', which is in the middle of a cornfield.  Get jumped by a ghoul scarecrow (don't need this Jeepers Creepers ish in my life).  Eydan shot one scarecrow we thought was a ghoul, but it turned out to be a woman by the name of Lettie Guffman gagged and strung up like a scarecrow.  

-Well, we found the Foxglove Manor's groundskeeper.  He's a ghast.

-After killing most of the ghouls, we find out this was probably intended to be for Eydan from Aldern.  We find a key for the Foxglove Manor around Roger's neck.  We also find Horran Guffman alive and strung up like his wife.



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