Rise of the Runelords

Session Eight
Under the Glassworks Part 2

Present Players: Eydan, Purrcival, Mick, Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent


Session Notes:

The party found themselves in a pile of broken boards from the collapsed platform that was built as a walkway across an ancient prison. They were able to heal up thanks to Vincent's channeling abilities and proceeded to investigate the area. They did not really find anything of note beyond a few ancient skeletons, overall the prison seemed mostly undistrubed. After a bit of effort they pulled down the safety hazard of a walkway and climbed into the next hallway deeper into the dungeon. The next room they found was an ancient torture chamber full of some relatively impressive instruments, however, they were all badly rusted and worthless. They explored more rooms in the area finding an ancient study that had been torn to pieces. It was mostly ransacked but Mick was able to find an scroll of flaming sphere among the detritus. Adjacent to the study the party found three 5-foot cells with strange skeletons in them. The skeletons were all badly deformed (multiple arms, overly large skulls, extended rib cages) and the party could only determine that they were very old.


Descending deeper into the dungeon Eydan came into contact with what appeared to be a flying human head and a three armed goblin with a flaming sword. He quickly backed up the stairs and the party proceeded to take a defensive stance bottlenecking the creatures. The vargouille let out a piercing shriek that paralyzed a portion of the party, but as soon as they were able to break line of sight their members were freed from the fearsome effect. The party's morale almost broke completely as the goblin pulled a lever causing a large rumbling under the earth. Soon the rumbling caused eleven cells to rise from the earth and unleash a horde of zombies. However, thanks to a well-placed grease spell and a well-positioned Jaren the zombies were winnowed down. The only major damage taken by the party was when Mick critically failed at dousing the zombies with a potent alcohol (mostly covering Jaren) followed by another critical fail at throwing his torch causing Jaren to burn vigorously for a few rounds. After the zombies were dispatched there was a fight with the strange goblin which the party eventually realized must be the missing "hero" goblin that got lost in a cave system from the Seventooth Goblin tribe. The creature was surprisingly strong almost felling Vincent as he was healing Jaren's burns, but after a brief scuffle they were able to defeat the creature. The party decided to not push their luck any further and to rest under the glassworks before proceeding.


When they returned to the dungeon they found it almost completely empty. Further exploration found a few magical trinkets, but no threat showed itself beyond Eydan seeing spikey red writing appear on the wall. They did find a strange spherical chamber that seemed to have no gravity. Within this strange cell spikey black lightning formed strange scripts on the wall. Purrcival was able to identify it as a variation of the ancient Thassilonian tongue. It mostly translated to "wrath", "anger", etc. They did find two spiral staircases one leading upward and one leading much further underground, however, both were badly damaged and full of rubble making them unpassable. As the party prepared to leave the dungeon a very angry sparrow swooped and dived at Eydan aggressively, but it quickly fled before the party could make sense of the attack.


The party returned to town to investigate how to permanently destroy the minor Runewell of Wrath that they found under the glassworks. Their first stop was at the Turandarok Academy where the headmaster was able to tell them a bit more about its history and explain that one can empty it of power by repeatedly summoning sinspawn. However, it will continue to gather power from wrathful acts in a large radius around it (many miles). To permanently destroy it they will need to empty the cauldron, fill it with holy water, and boil it for 24 hours. The party quickly realized this process would be insanely costly in raw resources even with the support of the local temples. Instead the party agrees that they will only tell those that need to know about the Runewell and they'll ask Ameiko to brick up the tunnels under the glassworks. They go visit the newest noble of Sandpoint and are greeted by her majordomo Leodak who manages the Kaijitsu estate. After a short while they meet Ameiko and have a nice visit. They find her to be in surprisingly good cheer about the recent terrible events, but she does complain about the other nobles in town. She especially has problems with the Scarnetti who don't think she should be running the glassworks. Ameiko agrees to brick up the tunnels without knowing exactly what is beneath the glassworks beyond it being extremely dangerous once she has hired some workers back at the glassworks. Before the party leaves Ameiko requests their presence at a ball celebrating Sandpoint's newest nobility, but she assures them that they've got some time since it will be well after the funeral.


DM Notes:

  • Zombies quickly go from intimidating to comedic when combining Grease + a narrow staircase
  • Vargouille didn't get to kiss anyone :(


Rewards / Loot:

  • Scroll of Flaming Sphere (CL 5)
  • Flaming Longsword
  • Masterwork Handaxe
  • Silver Dagger
  • Wand of Shocking Grasp (26 Charges)
  • Scroll of Burning Hands (CL 3)
  • Book of Lamashtu Prayers and Horrible Monsters
  • Bottle of Wine


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 11 Human Zombies
  • 1 Vargouille
  • Koruvus
  • A rickety path

End Date: Spring 18

Session Seven

Present Players: Eydan, Purrcival, Mick, Jaren, Feda, Aurelia, Vincent


Session Notes:

The session started the session making sure Tsuto was very securely tied (no one trusted Mick's ability to tie up a prisoner). They then searched the nearby rooms finding Ameiko battered but alive. She thanked the party profusely, but the joy of safety was cut short when they told her about her father's corpse in the glassworks. The party took the prisoners to the prison and took Ameiko to the Cathedral for further healing. There they made arrangements for the corpses in the Cathedral and were introduced to an old ally of Brother Walter. Vincent a cleric of Sarenrae greeted the party and after hearing about the tunnel in the glassworks offered his aid.


Exploring the tunnels they determined it was an old smuggler's tunnel that led down to the beach. The party backtracked the goblins to a cave on the beach. They were able to disable the door to curtail any further raids from that direction, and went back to explore more of the tunnels. They soon found themselves in a much older section of tunnel that vaguely resembled the Thassilonian dungeon the party rescued Lucinda Quink from before the festival. Soon the party came upon a Sinspawn of Wrath, an ancient creature used in the Runelords' armies as a sort of shock troops. These specimens were not the largest of their kind and soon felt to the overwhelming forces of the party. Exploring further they found an altar with a strange liquid, which the party was able to identify as Waters of Lamshtu, the Mother of Monsters. The next room contained a fountain ringed with human skulls and a dais with a lavalike clear liquid. Over the liquid hovered a quasit that splits hand open with a  dagger to drop blood into the liquid. This caused a chain reaction spawning another of the Sinspawns. After a brief fight where Feda was able to bless the party's weapons to pierce the creatures hide and illuminate it with faerie dust, the creature fell to the well prepared party. Further exploration put the party in an old prison once again fighting Sinspawn of wrath. The fight was going well but soon the large number of creatures on the rickety wooden platform caused it to collapse. This left the party on the room's floor in slight disarray.


DM Notes:

  • Running a game while not feeling well is not the most fun.
  • The revised action economy is extremely beneficial to melee types at low level. The level 2 samurai was able to do 35 damage in a single turn.
  • As a DM, it is an interesting challenge to balance the encounters for the party at this level. The PC's are extremely squishy, a solid hit can remove half their HP; however, they're able to put out a lot of damage given their advantage of action economy due to party count and the revised action economy allowing them to take a lot more offensive actions.
  • A lot of dungeon crawling and exploring. I expect the next few sessions will follow this theme.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Masterwork Ranseur inlaid with Pearl (400 GP)
  • Tiny Returning Cold Iron Dagger
  • Tiny Silk Dress
  • Tiny Tiara


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 4 Sinspawn (Wrath)
  • Quasit Witch, 2 Sinspawn (Wrath), Medium Water Elemental
  • 3 Sinspawn (Wrath) + Rickety Wooden Platform


End Date: Spring 17

Session Six
Goblins at the Glassworks

Present Players: Eydan, Purrcival, Mick, Jaren, Feda (Partial session), Aurelia


Session Notes:

The usual suspects (Mick, Eydan, Jaren, and Purrcival) convene at the Rusty Dragon for breakfast only to find it extremely busy as the halfling assistant manager Bethana tries to manage the floor by herself. No one has seen Ameiko since they closed last night and Bethana is doing her best to cover the absence. Jaren talks to Bethana as he orders food and talks a bit of Ameiko and her father's relationship but only learns that there was a large rift after Ameiko's mother died. Bethana is relatively certain last night was the only time Lonjiku ever came to the Rusty Dragon. The party is concerned and asks Bethana to come to them if she needs any aid.

While eating breakfast the group hears two rough looking merchants complaining about being ambushed on the road by a group of goblins. Mick over hears them talking and goes to investigate trailed by the group. They determine the merchants were attacked near Thistletop and that their guards were killed, their wagon looted, and their prized warhorse stolen. They seem particularly upset as they were hoping to sale the warhorse in Magnimar. After a bit of back and forth where they insult Sandpoint and the guards of the small town Eydan is done with them and heads back to his own table.

Meanwhile the scene shifts to Aurelia, a Varisian sorcerer talking with her mentor Madame Risa. Risa explains that the group is going to help protect Sandpoint while Sherriff Hemlock was away and that it would be good for Aurelia's magic to experience some adventure. She advises her to follow Eydan and Feda's example of the adventuring lifestyle and perhaps look toward Mick as a cautionary tale at best. Aurelia follows her mentor's wish and takes the letter of introduction to Feda at the Cathedral. They get introduced by Father Zantus and head towards the Rusty Dragon to meet the rest of the group. Everyone finishes their breakfasts and head out to patrol the town while Sherriff Hemlock is away getting help from Magnimar. It isn't long before Bethana finds them and shows them a disturbing letter she found in Ameiko's room. It is from her half-brother Tsuto, who Purrcival knows is the bastard of Ameiko's mother and has always caused a rift in the family. The note tells Ameiko to meet him at the Glassworks at midnight. The group fearing the worst, heads toward the Glassworks.

They find smoke still rising from the chimneys but all the curtains drawn tight. After a bit of snooping around the building Mick gets tired of it and kicks a door in with a loud racket. He investigates the room only to open the next door as a goblin flees around the corner. The party charges into the tight hallways of the glassworks and does battle with a band of goblins. After a tense battle the party emerges victorious as the final fleeing goblin gets tackled by Mick who knocks it out. The group investigates the Glassworks to find its interior mostly destroyed by the goblins. Based on the destruction the parties infer they've been bored in the Glassworks for a few hours minimum. In the main workshop they discover Lonjiku Kaijitsu tired to a chair and covered in brittle solid glass. It looks like someone tortured the man with molten glass before letting him perish. Spread around the room are what appears to be crude imitations as the workers are hacked up and also covered in glass. It looks like whoever spent time with Lonjiku was much more patient and sadistic then the goblin's work. Further exploration of the Glassworks finds stairs downward where the party fights another band of goblins and Tsuto, a half-elf archer. The fight is rough as Tsuto makes use of the goblins as meat shields and unleashes flurries of arrows at the party. He seems difficult to hit and able to deflect the few arrows that get close. Jaren goes down early in the combat to a flurry of arrows but Mick is able to flank Tsuto forcing him to flee. Mick manages to grapple him for a couple of rounds as the rest of the party tries to navigate closer in the tight confines of the basement and adjacent tunnel. Aurelia drops a grease spell behind Tsuto as they grapple, and when Tsuto does manage to break free it stops him from easily escaping. Tsuto breaks the grapple and snaps quick shots at Mick who drops to the ground prone causing it to miss. He does get a kick to the face for his trouble, but considers it a big win over the painful arrows. Tsuto acrobatically moves across the grease, but a healed Jaren catches up with him and delivers a critical blow knocking the half-elf unconscious. Eydan stabilizes Tsuto and secures him before turning to explore the basement more fully.



  • A merchant wagon from the Iron Wheel trade organization is ambushed by goblins on the north east road. Two of the merchants manage to get away but are upset at the loss of their warhorse who was trained by Trevor Goldsmith. 


DM Notes:

  • As a change of pace this session was mostly combat. The party realized they've got a lot of people running around if the corridors get tight.
  • We got a new player who joins us as Aurelia, a Varisian sorcerer recently apprenticed to Madame Risa (I keep spelling this Riza). It is her first time with RPGs so I look forward to introducing her to the hobby. I think we're a pretty good group so hopefully she enjoys it.
  • It will be slightly worse next week as we're going to have a total of 7 (!) players, though it does make for a more consistent schedule because we can more easily hit the requisite 4 players.
  • The fights took a while due to the tight corridors of the glassworks. The enemies were able to effectively bottleneck the PCs, but whenever Mick or Jaren were able to get near they made sure goblin parts flew in a bloody massacre. Jaren's minimum damage effectively murders your average goblin when he is power attacking and Mick is able to trade feats for Cleave making him very effective versus their mobbing tactics.
  • Tsuto was really close to escaping, but the grapple from Mick was clutch and then he was further hampered by the grease spell. I think if he had managed to escape one round sooner from Mick then he might of made it away due to his monk movement speed though the lack of darkvision would of made it tricky.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Masterwork Composite (+1) Longbow
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds
  • Masterwork Thieves' Tools
  • Masterwork Flute
  • Silver Earrings (25 GP for the pair)
  • 6 pouches of gold dust (worth 50 GP each)
  • 8 pouches of silver dust (worth 5 GP each)
  • 10 platinum pieces
  • 3 Masterwork Horse Choppers
  • Tsuto's Journal


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 3 Goblin Commandos
  • 1 Goblin Dog
  • 11 Goblins
  • Tsuto Kaijitsu

End Date: Spring 17

Session Five

Present Players: Eydan, Purrcival, Feda, Mick

The party has reached Level 2.

Session Notes:

The party starts off with an unconscious Mick in Gorvi's wheelbarrow heading toward the guard garrison. Mick is brought back to consciousness after an un-ceremonial dunk in the horse trough thanks to Gorvi and Eydan. Eydan thanks Gorvi for his trouble and tips him a silver for the wheel barrow usage. Once Mick finds himself put back together the party gets back on track investigating the magical cloak with four holes torn into it that they found in the Ezekian Family Tomb. They take it over to Headmaster Gandethus at the Turandarok Academy to take a look. He recognizes it as used up Robe of Bones and explains that anyone wearing the robe can tear off patches to summon corporeal undead. They generally are skeletal, but he isn't surprised when the party tells him of the zombies in the crypt. They visit a bit more with Headmaster Gandethus who shows them around his collection again and lets Purrcival know he did in fact trade off a real claw print from the Sandpoint Devil. He shows them a melted plaster cast that the party had given him previously, and he confirms that the rumors that traces verifying the Sandpoint Devil almost always find themselves destroyed mysteriously. After a bit more chatting the party says their goodbyes to the Headmaster. The party splits up with Feda heading back to the temple and the rest of the party deciding to visit the local bars, mostly at Mick's prompting. The rest of the party goes off to visit Riza's Place an old Varisian bar that is mostly only visited by locals. They are greeted warmly enough and try some of the house special spiced potatoes and cider. Mick sees someone he recognizes in the bar, but doesn't really introduce the party. Eydan recognizes the young girl as a common lookout for the Sczarni active in town, but she doesn't seem to be on the job or seem to recognize Mick. The local butcher Chod also shows up to talk about the goblin raid but Eydan rather abruptly shuts him down from trying to tell any tall tales of his exploits. Purrcival tries to be a little gentler and Chod is more than happy to chat a bit. He gossips a bit about the Scarnetti's, a local noble family, trying to shut down the Pixie's Kitten and eventually excuses himself to get back to work at his shop. The party spends a few hours there before touring the other bars. Mick makes it a point to try to get Jaren and Purrcival drunk, but only Purrcival is willing to give it a go and gets proper drunk slightly before Mick. Feda spends the time they're out carousing to watch the Junker's Toss for goblins and doesn't find anything than a slightly awkward interaction with Gorvi. The rest of the party eventually splits up to their sleeping quarters. Eydan does a quick tour of the beach and sees Headmaster Gandethus walking the beach collecting seashells and other oddities but doesn't find any goblins or their spoor. Meanwhile, Mick does some investigating at the Pixie's Kitten trying to see if he can get any more intel on visitors to see if sheriff Hemlock is a usual visitor. He gets distracted by some of the ladies in the establishment and doesn't make much progress with his investigation, but he does greatly enjoy himself that night.

The next day the party doesn't really have much on their agenda and spend a day about town after a quick breakfast at the Rusty Dragon. Purrcival and Eydan are met by a crying Amele Barett with her two children who tells them something has been terrifying poor Aeren, who Eydan recognizes as the kid he gave a toy catapult to at the festival, since the goblin raid. At first the parents thought that it was just him making up stories and trauma from the raid, but early this morning they were awoken to Petal the family dog yowling at something and then screams of pain from Aeren. Her husband Alergast rushed into the room only to find a goblin on the child's chest chewing at his forearms. He chased it back under the house, but they weren't sure what to do. She pleads with the two of them to help and Eydan agrees to go back with her to the home while Purrcival tries to find the rest of the party. Eydan goes in and investigates the house only to find a grisly scene. He comes upon the dead dog with a dagger through its ear and the still warm corpse of Alergast being chewed on by a goblin. Eydan quickly drops the creature with two arrows. Seeing there is nothing that can be done with the bodies he covers them with a sheet and stays in the house until the rest of the party arrives. Purrcival meets Feda at the temple and tells her directions before heading off to the garrison where he finds Mick and sheriff Hemlock. They all arrive roughly at the same time where Eydan shows them the grim scene and the now unconscious goblin that he has captured. They help make arrangements with the sheriff's help to get the Barett family a place to stay and escort the goblin back to the garrison. They spend some time interrogating the creature but it seems insane even for a goblin mostly ranting that it wants to return to its "kingdom" which the party summarizes is the crawlspace under the Barett's home. They spend the rest of the day gathering resources for interrogating such as a charm spell and a zone of truth from the clerics at the temple. Mick meets up with sheriff Hemlock and comes clean on his attempts to spy on the sheriff for the Sczarni, but the sheriff Hemlock assures him that is alright and doesn't seem altogether surprised by the confession. The sheriff admits things are on a bit of a knife's edge due to the various political factions in play, but that currently the Pixie's Kitten is safe unless the Scarnetti family gets more power or if the Sczarni are able to dig up any dirt on the patrons at the Pixie's Kitten. He encourages Mick to work with his current group who seem to be a good lot and if he is able to provide any information on the Sczarni in town.

That night they meet up at the Rusty Dragon to discuss what can be done, and while they are eating Lonjiku Kaijitsu barges in and ranting in a foreign tongue no one recognizes. When he spies the party he comes over and starts berating them for getting in the way during the raid and that they should of let the professionals handle it. If they had there probably wouldn't have been any goblins left to kill poor Alergast. The party is rightfully offended and Eydan stares the man down enough that falters a bit. Before Lonjiku retorts Ameiko comes into the common room demanding to know what's going on, Lonjiku turns on Ameiko and again unleashes a torrent in a foreign tongue. It comes to head when Lonjiku makes a grab for Ameiko's hair to tug her out of the establishment. The party as a whole stands up to assist, but before they are needed Ameiko bashes her father across the face with a soup covered ladle spreading across his face and clothes. It mostly damages his pride, but you can tell it stuns the man. She tells him to get out of her tavern, and he stammers a bit before fleeing the establishment. Unable to resist dropping one last barb he tells her, "You're dead to me as your mother!" fleeing before she can spit out a retort. Feda makes sure he is well gone and joins the party in giving Ameiko some support after the spat. Ameiko lets them know that it isn't unusual for her father and her to come to terms though rarely to blows and almost never in public, she isn't sure he ever has visited her establishment before tonight and it seems that he almost certainly won't be visiting again.

The next day the part is extremely busy with further interrogating the goblin and a meeting that sheriff Hemlock sets up with Mayor Deverin. Headmaster Gandethus is able to charm the goblin with one of his spells, however, he doesn't earn much more information than the party already gained. The Headmaster is able to confirm that it is a Mosswood goblin that has been captured from the recent raid. It seems the raid was led by a longshank, but the goblin is either unaware or unwilling to tell his new friend anything more. The goblin does let him know that there are multiple "longshanks" involved, and that at least one was a scary looking female and another was a effeminate male "longshanks".  After the interrogation the party backtracks the trail from the town wall, but it seems to lead to the east toward some locales that goblins are known to frequent. The party isn't able to figure out exactly where it leads beyond that and return to town to meet with the mayor. Mayor Deverin introduces herself and thanks the party for their recent support. She tells them there is a gold reward with her secretary in the foyer and that she is going to allocate more as needed. A productive meeting follows with mayor Deverin, sheriff Hemlock, and the newly arrived ranger Shalelu Andosana. They hash a plan where the sheriff will go to Magnimar for more guards to support the town for at least a couple of weeks, Shalelu will scout out some of the nearby goblin settlements to see if she can determine where they are massing, and the party will stay in town to keep the peace.

Shalelu joins the party for a dinner at the Rusty Dragon before leaving to scout the nearby areas. As they arrive they are greeted with an outraged Aldern Foxglove who rants about having already paid for the horses and manservants, and that he is extremely disappointed in the party. Eydan tells the man there are actual lives at stake with this goblin threat and that he should get over himself. He dismisses the nobleman by tossing him a copper piece and heading into the Rusty Dragon. Aldern clenches the copper in his fist and rages off toward the other inn in Sandpoint. Shalelu is a bit confused, but Eydan shrugs it off as "nobles". During dinner Shalelu and the group trade adventuring stories and she tells the group about the nearby goblin tribes and the goblin "heroes" who led them. The party discuss the goblin tribes' areas and agree that it is most likely that any leaders of these goblins are in Thistletop since it is the most easily defended. She leaves shortly after dinner and the session ends with the party awakening the next day at the Rusty Dragon.


  • The Scarnetti family has a strong moral disagreement with the Pixie's Kitten and want it to be shut down to conserve good Sandpoint values.
  • Shalelu and a Bugbear from the Nettlewood have been feuding for months and so far neither has gotten the advantage over the other.
  • Ven Vinder is not a fan of the party and some of his friends were not giving them kind looks at some of the bars.

DM Notes:

  • Another session of mostly world building. I expect the next 2-3 sessions will more than balance that out, but we shall see.
  • The party managed to visit Riza's place, continuing to check random locations in town off their list.
  • They've managed to get a pretty good roster of allies and only a couple of NPCs pissed at them so far. However, they've mostly avoided "high" society until this session so stakes were relatively low.
  • The party is splitting up a fair amount which has caused the spotlight to spend more time on some over others. So far no one has complained and I think it is almost unavoidable given the numerous side quests  / hooks / rumors in town but I need to continue to be cognizant of the danger of people zoning out when not in the spotlight though.
  • The player notes are really helpful to see what the PCs are keeping up with and what I may need to explain further in these session notes. Shout out to Kyle and Sawcy for posting them to the drive after each session. They are a big help when rambling in these session overviews!​

DM Question:

  • Thoughts so far? I've not gotten much feedback (which I'm going to assume is a good thing), but let me know if I should continue on course or if I need to make adjustments in game style or the mixture of RP, Exploration, and Combat.

Rewards / Loot:

  • 100 Gold to each party member from the Mayor

Challenges / Monsters:

  • Goblin Commando
  • Kaijitsu Family Feud
  • Boar Hunt..? Oh wait.

End Date: Spring 16

Session 4

Present Players: Eydan, Jeran, Feda, Mick

Session Notes:

The session started right after the party had finished off the goblins who attacked the festival plaza. The party managed to save all the citizens at the plaza, and were greeted by a grateful Father Zantus who helped them heal their wounds. Purrcival agrees to stay back with Father Zantus to help him protect the citizens while the rest of the party moves toward the gate. Goblins were causing chaos across the town. The party say goblins tossing torches at homes and jumping from roofs (sometimes successfully) onto fleeing townsfolk. Eydan recognizes goblins from a variety of tribes which strikes him as unusual. The party follows the chaos toward the northern gate where they find a cowering noble hiding behind a stack of barrels while his hunting dog defends him from  a goblin mounted on a goblin dog. The goblin ranger jeers at the noble as he cuts down his loyal dog defender, but his victory is short lived as Eydan shoots the goblin's mount out from under him. The rest of the party makes short work of the remaining goblins with Jaren taking down the once mounted leader of the group. The noble introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove and thanks the party profusely for their assistance. As the chaos winds down the party helps put out some of the fires in town and helps hunt down a few of the remaining goblins.

Feda manages to track down where the goblins managed to sneak into to town at the Sandpoint Boneyard. After conferring with Eydan they determine they found multiple sets of multiple goblin tracks with a single set of medium sized footprints that managed to climb over the wall during the festival. After a bit more tracking they determine that part of the group visited the Tobyn Family Mausoleum, where the bodies of the previous priest and his daughter were entombed. After gaining permission from Father Zantus they investigate the tomb. In the tomb they were surprised to find a group of undead that put up a vicious fight, but were ultimately defeated by the adventurers. In the tomb they find one of the sarcophaguses destroyed and Father Ezakien's body missing. Strangely they also find freshly picked wildflowers on the memorial to Nualia and a cloak with 4 holes torn into it.  They spend the rest of the night listening to gossip at the Rusty Dragon (theories range from the Sandpoint Devil leading the goblins to the Troubled Times starting back up) and spent a bit of time at the Boneyard to see if anyone returns to the scene of the crime. Besides meeting the grave keeper Naffer Vosk and learning that no one really visits Nualia's grave and that he didn't see the flowers in the morning. Naffer tells them about more about Naulia and mostly describe a lonely and sad affair. She was an aasimar and as such was a bit of a pariah. The townsfolk often had strange superstitious about one touched by celestials and it caused the young girl to grow up as an outcast. After a bit of probing they did determine that when Nualia was initially buried that a very distraught Varisian boy was at the grave. Naffer didn't know who the boy was, but Eydan knows of a Varisian historian in town known as Madame Mvashti. The party splits up for the night and agrees to meet up in the morning. Mick heads directly to the Fatman's Feedbag where he is accosted by Gressel Tenniwar about his "job" and is generally berated by the large man that he is not going to be able to help his parents at his current rate. Mick takes out his frustrations on some of the local muscle who were trying to pick on a farmhand. Mick challenges the man known as Squigo Serman, a one eyed thug that hangs around the Fatman's Feedbag, and agree to meet in the alley. After a very short exchange Squigo is left unconscious in the alley and Mick heads back into tavern. The farmhand is extremely grateful and introduces himself as Stewart Little. He buys a few rounds for Mick before heading to a more welcoming tavern. Mick heads back to the barracks where he is greeted by the jailer Vachedi who has been waiting to be relieved. Mick is put in charge of guarding a captured goblin occupying one of the cells. Mick thinking himself particularly clever gets the goblin extremely intoxicated with Orcish rotgut before passing in a nearby cot.

Mick awakes to sheriff Hemlock berating him about not watching the prisoner, and as Mick groggily comes into consciousness he sees the goblin has managed to wedge himself through the prison bars about halfway up the door. It appears the goblin was able to fit its body through the bars but its large head got stuck and it eventually suffocated to death. Sheriff Hemlock was extremely disappointed but Mick quickly skips out of the garrison before he can continue to learn Hemlock's feelings. Jaren, Purrcival, and Eydan meet up in the common room of the Rusty Dragon and aren't even into the room good before Aldern Foxglove waves them down to join him. He insists on buying them breakfast and regaling them with tales of Magnimar's nobles. He also invites the group on a boar hunt, Eydan quickly berates and rebuffs the man but Jaren can't think of a polite way to excuse himself and finds himself invited to a boar hunt in two days. Aldern happily invites the four that saved his life, and oh the cat can come too if he is part of the crew. Eydan rudely excuses himself and goes to confer with Ameiko who confirms Madame Mvashti is his best bet to learn more but Ameiko herself can't identify the young man since she and Nualia did not travel in the same circles. Meanwhile, Purrcival seeing Jaren's desire for a polite escape from the conversation smoothly jumps in and keeps Aldern's attention. Jaren and Eydan excuse themselves and head toward the Cathedral to get Feda. On the way they meet Mick who quickly joins them as he has no desire to see more of the sheriff at the moment. They all link up with each other and agree to meet with Madame Mvashti.

The party heads to the surprisingly large manor that Niska Mvashti lives in. The group knows that she was given the house by the Sandpoint Mercantile League when Sandpoint was first built on the condition that it would revert to the town once she passed away. Thus far Madame Mvashti continues to get the better end of the deal as she seems in no hurry to shuffle the mortal coil. The group are greeted by her daughter  Koya Mvashti and shown to the Madame's room. They are greeted by an elderly Varisian woman who bids them enter and gestures them to take a seat in a well-appointed room. She tells the group about a Varisian teen, Delek Viskanta, who Nualia had a brief summer romance with before her father found out. Father Ezakien was a strict man who did not approve of the tryst mostly concerned with the romance hurting his daughter's chances of getting into a prestigious coven and as such he came down on hard on his teenage daughter. Months later after the fire, Delek attended the funeral and then left towards Magnimar to little fanfare. Madame Mvashti hasn't heard from him in many months and has no expectation of him returning to Sandpoint in the near future. After a bit more conversation Mick asks for the seer to tell his fortune using her Harrow Deck. She agrees and spreads the Fire, Tower, Gold, Death, and Moon cards. She explains that he has lost his tower and a great deal of gold, but he has a chance to recover both, however, he is currently taking a path fraught with peril. She strongly recommends that he let a wiser hand be his guide while looking pointedly at the rest of the party. The group thanks her and are shown their way out by Koya.

While conferring about their next steps they are approached by Shayliss Vinder who insists that she needs assistance with "rats" in the General Store's Basement. She is positive that Mick is more than enough man to help her and that she doesn't need anyone else's assistance. No one in the group believes there are any rodents, but Mick happily volunteers to go explore the basement with Shayliss. They both head off while Eydan sighs and quickly takes a few back alleys to beat them back to the general store. Eydan finds the door unlocked and as he is trying to formulate a plan sees Mick and Shayliss coming. He hides in the store as they head downstairs. In no time at all he hears two people enjoying themselves immensely. He decides to slam the door and stomp his way across the floor in hopes of them thinking Ven is back from dealing with his other errant daughter Katrine, but just as he arrives at the door he hears stomps on the porch. He quickly dashes back into hiding right before Ven Vinder comes in yelling for his daughter. He quickly orients toward the ladder and stomps his way down into the basement. This gives Mick a split second to hide and thinking quickly (for Mick) Mick jumps under the bed. Eydan opens the door and tries to distract Ven as a customer but it is too late as Ven and Mick make eye contact. Taking the initiative Ven starts kicking, yelling, and stomping at the prone man. Mick tries to dash out of the room but takes a bash across the face. With his eyes a bit crossed Mick reaches for the ladder right as Ven bashes him from behind. Eydan collects the naked and unconscious Mick (and his gear) and meets the rest of the party on the porch. A very angry Ven yells at him that Mick is no longer welcome in his general store, and that he doesn’t want to see him around Shayliss anymore. The party spots Gorvi wheeling his red, slightly damaged wheelbarrow down the street and borrow it for a bit. Eydan unceremoniously plops Mick into the mostly empty dung wheelbarrow and starts heading toward the garrison… hopefully Hemlock is in a better mood by now…?


  • Aldern lets Purrcival now some of the biggest gossip in town is that the Dempsey family lost their mansion due to gambling in the arena. Apparently, the patriarch and matriarch are now required to work as peasant's in Magnimar to make ends meet.
  • Numerous thoughts on what caused the goblin attacks though none sound convincing

DM Notes:

  • I should of spent some more time Tuesday night reading over my notes. I'd prepared most of this stuff way in advance which meant it wasn't available at the top of my memory like I prefer. I have to rush home from work pretty quick to eat and get online for the session, so there isn't enough time to sufficiently prepare on the day.
  • The party continues to meet NPCs I was not prepared for, despite me preparing for nearly everyone in the book. This session they managed to meet the grave keeper, Squigo the thug, and the Mvashti's. Clearly I just need to do everyone in the book to avoid this in the future.
  • I felt like this session had a pretty good mix of RP, exploration, and combat.
  • The goblins went down surprisingly easy, but the undead were a bit stronger than expected. I think the damage reduction enabling them to tank Eydan's shots were a large part of this.
  • Madame Mvashti's portrait was perfect for the role she played.
  • The first part of the Vinder story arc reached the expected conclusion.
  • This was one of the rare sessions where no loot was given out.
  • I don't have a whole lot of background hooks to work with (yet), but I dropped a lot of hints for Mick's plot.

Challenges / Monsters:

  • 3 Goblins
  • Goblin Dog
  • Goblin Commando
  • Two Medium Zombies
  • Two Medium Skeletons
  • Vin Vender

End Date: Spring 13

Session 3

Present Players: Eydan, Jeran, Purrcival, Feda, Mick

Session Notes:

The session started with the party just leaving Brodert's home. Purrcival was itching to try out the General Store's wine cellar so the party split up agreeing to meet at the Rusty Dragon later. Purrcival, Eydan, and Mick all agreed to go to the General Store. When they arrived Purrcival said the "code words" to buy some Orcish Rotgut. It was delivered the beautiful and overly flirtatious Shayliss Vinder. Purrcival knew her from around town as a flirt who's dad did not approve at all. She quickly started putting the moves on Mick who was very receptive. This flirting clearly angered her father, but crisis was averted as Purrcival managed to shoo Mick out of the store before anything came out of it.

Jeran and Feda visited Savah's Armory. It is ran by a Chelish Human, Savah Bevaniky. Jeran was a bit infatuated on sight to Savah's good looks. He managed to slightly embarrass himself interacting with her, but she seemed more charmed by her fumbling than anything else. Jeran did learn about a bard named Rogtar has gone missing while traveling near the Lurkwood. The half-orc has apparently been missing for a couple of months now, but no one has figured out where he has wandered. Savah was a bit concerned as the bard frequently stopped by the Armory as he passed through Sandpoint. The party was looking for new armor and weapons, but they were lacking the coins to fully upgrade. Feda agreed to help work on the items to do partial payment, but the next day when Das heard the plan he insisted there would be no charge.

After resting at the Rusty Dragon, Purrcival and Mick went to the Turandarok Academy to meet with Headmaster Gandethus. Purrcival heard that he might be able to help identifying the plaster cast he made on Chopper's Isle. The headmaster seemed to recognize it and invited Purrcival and Mick to visit his collection of oddities in the basement. There they found a collection of exotic weapons, strange maps, and monstrous trophies. He traded a couple arcane scrolls to Purrcival for the plaster cast and offered to buy any other such oddities that he might find.

The rest of the week leading up to the Swallowtail Festival was mostly a lowkey week for the party. Eydan took the opportunity to do some trapping in the nearby wood earning a bit of gold. Purrcival did a few performances in various taverns and inns, picking up a few rumors (see below). Mick had a few guard duties to attend and spent a number of nights enjoying his new Orcish Rotgut. Finally, Feda and Jeran spent the week helping craft the new masterwork items from Das and Savah.

The day of the Swallowtail Festival the party wandered about after a few opening speeches. There were a large number of carnival games and each party member had a wooden swallowtail token they could trade for a "grand prize". Eydan proved his persistence at the "Shoot the Devil" booth where he was able to (eventually) hit a bullseye on a target crafted to look like the Sandpoint Devil. He won a jar of Silversheen, an item that allows any weapon to strike as if it is crafted from Silver. While he was busy playing target practice, Mick was unabashedly flirting with Shayliss who was manning the booth with her father. It did not take long before Ven strongly encouraged Mick to be elsewhere. The next booth they visited Mick showed his dominance by tackling a greased pig before many of the competitors had managed to get out of the gate. The party then took turns shooting a 2-foot tall catapult at a pyramid of stones, winning a few of the miniature catapults after successfully knocking down the blocks. At the dragon races Purrcival proved the best at encouraging his yellow painted Gecko to run as he hissed at it from behind. He managed to win a salve that would offer limited protection to the user from flame. The party then competed in an Obstacle Course ran by Turch Sterglus trying to evade the Murdermaw(!). Purrcival proved cats are really good at climbing and won a fresh caught cod and an invitation to help Turch hunt down the real Murdermaw. At the next booth Feda impressed the crowd by guessing within 5 beans in a  Jar of Magic beans and winning a small pouch of pixie dust. The dust is able to illuminate hidden foes if it makes contact. The rest of the party had to be satisfied with a few pouches of "magic" jelly beans that came in  a variety of flavors. At the high striker booth the party took turns trying to prove their strength and ring the bell. Mick was the first to dent the bell and won a pair of magical gloves that improve the wielders athletics. Jaren struggled a bit, but after some encouragement from Mick was able to recover some pride by also denting the bell. He turned down the gloves, satisfied that he had proved himself. At the pie eating contest Purrcival tapped out early, leaving Jaren and Mick to battle it out. Jaren proved triumphant and earned a magical muffin tin that will produce muffins once a day on command. The group decided to test Norah at the Hagfish Challenge but her water's proved too tough as the hagfish's brew sickened the group of Feda, Mick, and Jeran. The last booth visited was the Goblin Toss where Daviran Hosk, a known Goblin hater, encouraged people to toss beanbags tagged with Goblin names into a "fire". The party had a few turns at it and won some boar jerky dipped in green apple jam. As the day progressed Eydan gave his catapult to Aeren Barett after tiring of carrying it. The child was very happy and had a bit of hero worship for Eydan. Eydan also decided to cause some mischief by encouraging Shayliss with a gift of jelly beans telling her "sweets for a sweetie". He managed to get away before Ven caught wind of it. Later at the festival's feast Shayliss sat between Mick and Eydan, but Eydan wouldn't give her the time of day. This snubbing caused her to redouble her efforts to get Mick who greatly enjoyed the renewed attention. It didn't take long before Ven showed up and frog marched Shayliss away from the party while giving Mick the stink eye.

As the evening approached the party joined a crowd at the Cathedral Plaza as Father Zantus christened it. Just as the ceremony was wrapping up  an old hound near the edge of the crowd let out a yelp as a creature ran by slitting its throat. The party quickly realized there were goblins about and jumped into combat. They managed to stop the goblins from killing any townsfolk (including young Aeren and his new puppy) and managed to win the day. However, they still hear a large number of goblins rampaging about town and there seems to be fire blossoming in various places as bedlam  springs up around them.


  • Ethram Valdemar, the head of the family, is rumored to take a strange liquid to try to cling to his fading health.
  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu has a notoriously short temper, and many believe this is responsible for his estranged son and adventurer‐ turned‐innkeeper daughter.
  • Evidence of the Sandpoint devil often disappears before it can be widely studied. Tracks, bitten animals, weapons with its blood, and similar such evidence regularly vanish, no matter how well watched or guarded. Many who have sought out the Sandpoint devil have disappeared without a trace either during their hunts or in the weeks following their return.

DM Notes:

  • Mick is a beast at festival games
  • Eydan couldn't hit a bullseye but wrecked the goblins with his bow
  • I think the party staying together for the festival games made it a lot easier to run, but probably slowed it down a bit. I think it was a worthwhile trade off.
  • The games did take longer than I expected, but everyone seemed to enjoy it so I didn't feel like I needed to speed it up or anything.
  • The NPC swarm continues, but I think the party has at least made the acquaintance of most of the NPCs at this point. I'll have to poll everyone to see if any of the NPC stands out in particular at the moment.
  • The module's official start began after the festival games. It only took us 3 sessions! However, I think it helps to do a longer prologue when trying to bring a city (which is almost a character itself in this module) to life.
  • I think the we're slightly ahead of the loot curve, but the party stumbled onto the Chopper's Isle side quest a bit earlier than I expected. Oh well, it is just a guideline (that I've never seen any DM follow super closely).

Treasure / Loot:

  • Profession Loot (9.5 Gold)
  • Traded Cast of Claw Marks for 2 Level 1 Arcane Scrolls
  • Orcish Rotgut x 6
  • Festival Prizes (varied)
  • Masterwork Item for each Player for helping Das

Challenges / Monsters:

  • Festival games
  • 7 Goblins, 1 Goblin Warchanter, 1 Goblin Commando


End Date: Spring 12

Session 2

Present Players: Eydan, Jaren, Purrcival, Feda, Mick (player joined Late)

Session Notes:

The session started with the party officially meeting Mersoolian and Lucinda. The couple was grateful for the rescue and offered the loot from the ruins as payment. He also told Purrcival to hang onto the wand he dropped while escaping from the goblinsnake. The party and the rescued expedition went back through the Raven Roost hills with no disturbances and arrived back at Sandpoint with nothing of note happening. Mick and Herk, the guard that was rescued, headed off to report to Sherriff Hemlock, while Mersoolian and Lucinda excused themselves to see her grandfather. Lucinda invited everyone over to tea tomorrow. The party wanting to divide up the loot visits the Red Dog Smithy and sells off the masterwork items they found in the pit of the ruins. Purrcival warns the party Das is a bit of an ill-tempered man who the local children mock with a cruel song about his murdered wife and child. Feda who has done a bit of business with the man agrees on the ill-tempered part at least. While Das appraises the gear he puts Jaren on the spot by asking if he was the "monster hunter" of the group. He then mentions that the Sandpoint Devil allegedly lands on Chopper's Isle every full moon. He backhandedly suggests that the party investigate the area and let him know if they find the remains of his son who the guards never did find after the murder of Jervas Stoot (The artist turned serial killer who used to live on Chopper's Isle). The party (minus Nick) knowing the full moon just passed agrees to go and scout out the area the next day to see if they can find any sign of the Devil.

The group reconvenes (Nick is off being a guard / sleeping off a hangover) and agree they could scout out the relatively small island (2 acres or so) before tea time. On the way they meet Gorvi, the half-orc dungsweep of the town at Junker's Edge and have a brief conversation. Junker's Edge is basically a cliff face that overlooks a sandy beach; during low tide the beach is exposed and people dump refuse over the edge then when high tide comes in the junk is (mostly) swept off to sea. Gorvi was busy dropping a load from his red wheelbarrow when the party arrives. At first he is a bit suspicious but warms up to the party when he confirms they aren't guards after him for peeking at the Pixie's Kitten. Gorvi suggests a path down to the beach to reach Chopper's Isle after telling the party they wouldn't catch him dead on the Isle. He lets them know it is haunted and anytime he hears something going on out that way he hides himself under his pillow. Ignoring the flabby half-orc's warning they proceed to cross the beach where the town's refuse is thrown and find themselves at the bottom of a 120 foot cliff. The party finds the remnants of old stairs that were built into the rock face and discuss a strategy to climb when they noticed they've gained an audience who are watching from Junker's Edge. Soon they see Mick coming to meet them, he was sent by Sherriff Hemlock to discourage them but quickly forgot and joined in on the fun. The party manages to scale the cliff without too much effort using a combination of ropes and Purrcival's climbing abilities.

The party follows a short path to a ruined cabin where Jervas used to live and investigate the area. Mick is the first to find the basement via a rotten floor that collapses under him which drops him heavily 20 feet or so down into the earth. The party is able to quickly join after finding a staircase downwards and help him with his wounds. They find themselves deep in an ancient looking room. Feda uses her Dwarven stone cunning to estimate the room is from the Thassilonian time though slightly different than the previous Thassilonian ruin the party found themselves in.  The room is dominated by a looming, man-shaped wooden statue, with legs and talons of a giant eagle, two sets of eagle wings, a twisted, gem-studded avian head, and a snake in place of genitals. On the two stone doors leaving the room the party finds seven-pointed stars which Feda and Purrcival are able to identify as symbols of Lissala, an ancient deity who was worshipped by the Runelords of old. No one is able to put a finger on what the statue is beyond very intimidating and likely demonic in nature. As the party explores the room they hear a child's laughter and retreating steps from the northern door. They investigate the room and find a tome on a pedestal and the room strewn with old, mildewy papers.  Built into the walls of the room are alcoves and each alcove sits eyeballs and a tongue that still look moist as if someone has only recently ripped them out of a victim. The tome and papers are the work of a diseased mind overflowing with hellish avian figures, Sihedron runes, and what appears to be the Sandpoint Devil. Seeing the tome the party is able to finally piece together the hideous statue, recognizing it as Puzuzu a lord of the Abyss associated with fiendish avian creatures. Purrcival retells a few stories about Puzuzu granting a wish at the cost of the wisher's innocence. The party again hears the giggle of a child and retreat to the main chamber to investigate the other door. They open it to find a spiral staircase heading down deeper into the depths. Eydan leads the way and sees a strange figure bludgeoning his head bloody against the wall while wearing a feathered cape and holding a small carving dagger. The figure turns on Eydan and has bloody pits where his eyeballs would be and blood leaking from his month. As the creature lunges onto  Eydan cutting bloody, bird shaped wounds into him Eydan recognizes it as Jervas Stoot, the Chopper. The party only sees Eydan thrashing about but not the creature he says is attacking him. After a short time the figure disappears just leaving a bloody Eydan behind. The party cautiously searches the stair only to find a rusty carving knife laying nearby. Continuing downward the party finds a steel grate with a small room beyond it. The room is littered with small animal bones, each carved with small hellish avian figures. In one corner a pile of moldy blankets sit undisturbed. The party investigates and finds the stones underneath show some signs of being moved, Jeran volunteers to move the cobblestones and as soon as he does so a ghoulish child sized arm lunges upward. From the whole crawls an undead monstrosity in the shape of a child. Around the beast a whisper of childish giggles, cries of anguish, and childish rhymes swirl as it stares at the party with bloody eye sockets and a tongue-less mouth. After a brief skirmish where Purrcival is able to dispel the whispered aura with his countersong the party defeats the creature. Further unearthing the stonework shows a small child's bones and a reddish, moldy red doll in the shape of a dog. The party suspecting they've found Simon Korvut decide to leave the Chopper's dungeon but not before destroying the statue of Puzuzu.

A search around the island reveals a cache of bones and a relatively fresh boar corpse. The party finds a few scratches in the stone and Purrcival is able to make a plaster cast of one of the claw prints. Feda grabs a femur that has been chewed as further evidence. The party returns to the cathedral and meet Brother Walter. He is a monk of Saranrae (Deity of Healing and the Sun) who has a burn scar across his right eye and scars around his wrists. Feda has met him a couple of times and knows him as a silent man with some interest in demonic creatures. He listens to the party's tale and is a bit surprised they recognized Puzuzu. He confirms that none of the items are currently detecting as evil and makes a comment about the priests of the cathedral discouraging anyone from visiting Chopper's Isle due to it being haunted. He is a bit surprised a guard such as Mick was participating in such an expedition, but he is ultimately thankful they were able to find Simon's remains. He places Simon's bones in the family crypt as the party goes to let Das know. He also lets the party know that the isle is technically for sale and if they were interested they should talk to Sister Avra, priestess of Abadar.

The party goes to let Das know what they found and he breaks down at the sight of the stuffed doll. In a bit of a madness he runs to the cathedral and collapses at the sight of his son's bones. The party is politely discouraged from hovering and is eventually greeted by Brother Walter who explains that Das needs some time right now but they should visit the smith in the coming days. Afterwards the party makes it to tea time with the Quinks. There is a bit of an awkward back and forth between Brodert and Mersoolian (while Lucinda mostly just appears exasperated) about the lore of the town's ruined lighthouse. The party quickly gets the idea that there is no love lost between Mersoolian and Brodert. Mersoolian does invite the party to an upcoming expedition to an island in the Varisian Gulf and tells them to visit his curio shop if they ever find themselves in Magnimar. The party agrees, pending what's going on at the time, to both of his suggestions. Mersoolian also gives Jeran a Snakefolk Amulet that kept the Iron Cobras from attacking in the ruin as thanks for rushing to his rescue though he isn't sure the trinket will prove much use anywhere else. The group discusses a bit of the runes and notes found in Jervas' cabin and they witness another argument over Thassilonian lore before finishing teatime. The next session will start with them heading off to the general store as Purrcival is convinced he knows a password to get some quality Orcish Rotgut from Vin Vender.


DM Notes:

  • It is a bit of a cheap trick, but I've resorted to providing pictures for all the NPCs as I'm no good at giving distinct voices. On the plus side, most of them provide the correct name spelling and for the town NPCs their roles.
  • There wasn't a whole lot of combat this session, I'm curious how the players felt about that. We spent a lot more time on exploration. I don't really mind this as I generally try to aim for a mix of combat / roleplaying / exploration.
  • There's a lot of lore in this adventure path, but a couple of the characters are either dumb or not interested. Hopefully I can find some more interesting hooks for them as we continue.
  • The Chopper's Dungeon went well. Sawcy/Purrcival did a good job of helping the mood by reacting to the general creepiness and let's be real, child ghosts/undead are always creepy.
  • The NPC name dropping barrage continues, but I think everyone is coping pretty well. I need to do a better job of describing the NPCs as I introduce them, oftentimes I assume I know their traits so clearly the PCs should which is … sort of dumb on my part.
  • I should probably include the map of Sandpoint on the "default" Sandpoint Roll20 map. I feel it will give people more idea of where things are located. I should also make some "default" maps for the surrounding areas.
  • I lowered the challenge rating of the child spirit a bit, but I'm not convinced I needed to do so. It went down quicker than expected, though I did expect it to be an "easier" fight given the action economy advantage a full party has versus a single creature.
  • The Jervas Stoot "haunt" went pretty well, though the party had no clue how to "defeat" it. I feel like the rules for haunts are neat, but this party is not particularly well suited to handle them at the moment.
  • We started a bit later than I would of liked. Next week I should give everyone a 30 minute warning so they can wrap up tasks / get food before the game.

Treasure / Loot:

  • A handful of Onyx Gems worth 30 GP
  • A Summon Monster III Scroll (Keyed to only summon a winged fiendish constrictor snake)
  • Ramblings of Jarvis Stoot
  • Plaster Cast of a Clawed Footprint from Chopper's Isle

Challenges / Monsters:

  • A concealed Pit Trap (Mike found it)
  • A "haunt" of Jarvis Stoot
  • A Whispering Spirit of Simon Korvut

End Date: Spring 3


Session 1

Present Players: Eydan, Jaren, Purrcival, Feda, Mick (player was a bit late)

Session Overview:

I spent a bit of time describing Sandpoint and the 'late unpleasantness'. Due to some well-educated Knowledge(Local) users the party has a pretty good idea of all the shenanigans that happened during the late unpleasantness  roughly five years ago.

  • A local woodcarver went mad and after the course of a few weeks murdered a large number of people before being mortally wounded by the old sheriff.
  • A local noble woman threw herself off her balcony and onto the rocky coast below.
  • A fire broke out in the cathedral burning it to the ground and killing the previous head priest of Desna and his adopted pregnant daughter.

After that bit of "great" news, we spent a bit of time on why each character was in Sandpoint.

  • Eydan is a trapper who is in the area earning some cash while awaiting the coming Cathedral festival
  • Purrcival is mostly lazing about town until the festival
  • Jeran is hoping to earn some renown and become better known in the area
  • Feda is in the town as a representative of Torag for the upcoming Cathedral christening
  • Mick is in town being a terrible guard and doing whatever Sherriff Hemlock tells him to do

Eydan, Purrcival, and Jeran actually meet before the first adventure even begins. Jeran finds himself at the Hagfish tavern trying to learn more about the area and see if there are any particular well known creatures to kill for renown. He hears a few tales from the local fish monger, Turch Sterglus, about a monstrous red snapper called "Murdermaw". Turch tried to convince him to come out on his boat with him for the chance at glory, but Jeran refused concerned with boats + armor being a bad combination. Jeran also heard rumors of the creature called the Sandpoint Devil, but no one has a real clear idea of what the creature actually could be. To earn a bit of prestige around town Jeran took the Hagfish's challenge of drinking a large glass of water from Norah the Hagfish's tank. Jeran didn't show any concern as Jargie Quinn got a large glass of water from the tank and slid it across the bar. Jeran took it down in a single swallow with nary a grimace. He won a large pouch of silver and got added as the 29th name to survive the Hagfish's challenge. Afterwards Purrcival and Eydan introduced themselves impressed by his constitution if nothing else.

The next day Feda is met by Father Zantus who is concerned that Lucinda Quink has not returned from an expedition with her fiance, Mersoolian Threce, to a recently found Thassilonian ruin. Father Zantus suggests the trapper Eydan might be knowledgeable of the area and after a quick visit to the tavern she meets Purrcival, Eydan, and Jeran who all agree to go explore the ruins and see if the couple needs assistance.

Just as they are leaving the gate a very bedraggled Mick runs up. He quickly tries to explain he is here to help on the behalf of Sherriff Hemlock, but mostly fails to do anything other than confuse the party. Eventually he remembers he has a note and hands it off. With that last bit of confusion cleared up they set off to find the ruins just as a moderate rain starts coming down.

Eydan takes them over the Ravenroost hills making a point to stay away from an old prison that he now suspects is being used as a bandit hideout. Without too much trouble they find the campsite and see it is overrun by goblins. After a brief battle the adventurers defeat the majority of the creatures with the rest escaping into the ruins. They give chase and come upon a goblin snake called Tethiqqa. It is a cunning creatures and uses a combination of hypnotism and obscuring mist to escape the party before causing too much trouble. With the goblins defeated the party returns to help out Herk Bristol, a local guard who was hired to protect the couple. He explains he was hypnotized then mobbed by a number of goblins. He's ok but exhausted and has a badly burned foot from the goblin's attention. The party leaves him to guard the entrance before heading deeper in the ruin.

They explore the room finding a secret door that leads them to find a well of some sort that has sporadic flashes of evocation magic. They scour their brains to see if they know what it could be but come up blank. Feda makes a copy of the runes etched along the cusp of the well before moving onward. As the party crosses a bridge, Feda steps on a trap that causes filaments to strike from a nearby snake statue's mouth tugging her into a pit. It isn't a long fall, but the pit if full of snakes! After a quick battle which mostly consists of Mick jumping into the pit and bashing snakes around with his fists the party regroups. They find an old library recovering some magical scrolls and a mysterious book, "Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer". They don't really detect any magic on it but feel they should hang onto the strange tome. No one can really makes heads or tails of the rest of the books so the party moves on.

In the last room they find Mersoolian and Lucinda surrounded by three skeletal warriors who turn and charge the party as soon as the door is opened. The party enters the fray with Jeran getting into the havoc first. Mersoolian yells something about an amulet and gestures to the one on his neck, but Jeran has no clue what he is talking about "snake amulets" and "iron cobras". It becomes quickly apparent as two mechanical cobras spring to life with a hiss. The party has a rough fight, but with the combination of powerful blows and a bit of additional healing magic from Mersoolian they manage to vanquish the creatures.


DM Notes:

  • I felt like the town introduction went really well. The party didn't have a whole lot of time to explore but they did manage to meet a number of NPCs.
  • I'm never a fan of trying to get parties to group up for the first time, and I was a bit stymied by the PCs I'd initially wanted to hook not being present but it worked out relatively well. This was also in no small part due to players following the "unofficial contract" and linking up with little arm bending needed on my part.
  • The session did go longer than expected. I think this was partly to some fun encounters at the Hagfish that I didn't expect (but I'm glad they happened!) and a bit of slowness in fighting. It also didn't help the last encounter involved 3 creatures with relatively high AC and damage reduction. That's not a great combination for first level combats, so I should probably be more aware of that in the future when planning encounters.
  • Combat at level one is real swingy, if a creature connects twice it can easily drop someone. I look forward to when PCs have at least some HP to make it a bit safer for everyone involved. At the moment at least Jeran and Mick are particularly dangerous, if a single blow lands their strength modifiers allow them to generally incapacitate a foe.
  • I still need to work on making my NPCs a bit more recognizable. It is a bit harder than running a game in real life since I can use physical quirks as easily. I'll need to rely on more description of their actions as they talk and try to give them verbal quirks.
  • For future sessions I'll also go ahead and pre-open my NPC notes whenever they're in town. That'll make it a lot easier to describe people from the beginning.


  • 4 Potions of Cure Light Wounds
  • Wand of Detect Secret Doors (21Charges)
  • Masterwork Hide Armor (165 GP)
  • Masterwork Buckler (155 GP)
  • Wand of Alarm (34 Charges) (650 GP)
  • Potion of Keen Senses (50 GP)
  • Scroll of Inflict Moderate Wounds (150 GP)
  • Scroll of Sleep (25 GP)
  • Scroll of Mirror Image (150 GP)
  • Scroll of Confusion, Lesser & Compassionate Ally (225 GP)
  • Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer
  • 2x Topaz Gems 500 GP each
  • 18 GP, 61 SP, 220 CP
  • Handful of small gems (200 GP)
  • Masterwork Longsword

Creatures Defeated:

  • 6 Goblins
  • 1 Goblin Warchanter
  • 1 Goblinsnake (Tethiqqa Sleekscale)
  • 1 Snake Swarm
  • 2 Iron Cobras
  • 2 Medium Skeletons
  • 1 Skeletal Champion


Game Info & Characters

Your characters are going to be heading to the city of Sandport to help with the 'recent unpleasantness' in the past few months (Knowledge(Local) or a decent Diplomacy check would let you know more). You've basically been put on retainer by Sheriff Hemlock as an extra precaution against any more bad news, but are welcome to pursue other opportunities as long as you report back to him anything that would concern the town or surrounding areas. 

Your characters could have been helping the sheriff for a few weeks to less than a week so let me know if you want more info on any of the locations in the Sandpoint Handout to represent friends / acquaintances you've made in that time.

The sheriff has made it clear he wants you present for the Swallowtail Festival when Sandport's newly reconstructed temple is going to be consecrated, but you won't have any official duties besides generally keeping an eye on things and are welcome to enjoy the festivities. 

The why of your characters helping the town is completely up to you, but characters are expected to be generally of a good alignment and open to helping the townspeople plus surrounding areas. Other motivations to be in the area are welcome and we can work out possible hooks to pursue throughout the campaign. 

Character Creation Rules:
Level 1 / max HP 
Alignment: LG/NG/CG
20 point buy

Choose 2 traits. You can pick one from the Player's guide if you'd like.

Medium Experience Progression. The module expects 'fast' progression, so we should have plenty of room (so to speak) for side quests. The module does have downtime so feel free to pick up crafting feats or skills. 

Unchained Rules:
Automatic Bonus Progression. Rules here

Unchained Action Economy. Rules here

Background Skills. Rules here

House rule:
You can take one of the following feats for free once you meet the BAB requirements:
Power Attack
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Finesse

Wednesdays 6:00 – 9:30 Pacific (8:30 – 11:30 Central). I'm hoping we have 5-6 players and will likely skip a session if we don't have at least 4 players. I'm guessing our first session is still 2-5 weeks out but wanted to let y'all get the setting / character creation rules in advance.

Other Notes:
If you are new to Pathfinder I strongly recommend Hero Lab. It should help a lot with character creation. Otherwise you can find the rules on the SRD.

We'll be playing with roll20 and using a voice program. 

I don't expect this to be an issue since we've all played before, but please don't multi-task / watch TV / play other games while we play. Please respect the work that everyone puts into a good RPG (players and DM) and don't mentally check-out during the game.

And to germinate some ideas:

http://whothefuckismydndcharac<wbr />ter.com/ 


  • Mick Dempsey (Human Brawler) – A noble's son, though one wouldn't know from how he acts, who got in some trouble due to numerous failed fights in the arena. He is in Sandpoint trying to make things right for the trouble he has caused his family.
  • Eydan (Slayer Slyph) – A trapper who prefers to be on the move and out of the city. He is mostly in the area restocking and figured he might as well see the Swallowtail Festival while he was in the area.
  • Purrcival Pawlick (Bard Catfolk) – A catfolk who is out to see the world. He flunked out of a mage's academy and decided that he would let the world be his teacher. He specializes in comedy and likes to be "punny".
  • Jaren Morn (Human Samurai) – A samurai who no longer had a calling in his home and now sells his services as a monster hunter.
  • Feyda Rudas (Dwarf Cleric) – A cleric of Torag who is in Sandpoint as a representative of the church during the Sandpoint Festival.

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