Rise of the Runelords

Session Twenty-Six


Present Players:  Jaren, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda


Session Notes:

The party heads back upstairs being very aware of the pending suggestion on Jaren. On their way up they are attacked by a few rat swarms that get put down relatively easily. As they're leaving the house they are greeted with massive swarms of undead ravens and buzzards that Purrcival recognizes as Carrionstorms. There is a long debate on how to handle it before Aurelia pulls out a scroll of lightning bolt and blasts them from the tree. The party cleans up the remaining swarms without any major difficulties. The party begins to head back to Sandpoint without any spells and still feeling drained from the corruption spirit that haunted the Foxglove Manor; however, before they can get back to town a panicked farmer runs out waving his arms for help. The man is clearly distressed and begs the party for help explaining that the hinterlands around Sandpoint have been haunted by walking scarecrows and numerous farmers and their families have gone missing. After a bit of calming down, the farmer introduces himself as Maester Grump and explains that something dire has begun to haunt the farmlands over the past few days. He explains the farmers gathered up and went to Old Crade Hambley's farm but were attacked by undead (which the party recognize as ghouls). The creatures had eaten the farm animals and Maester Grump recognized some of the creatures as fellow farmers. He was the only to survive as the creatures attacked his band of brave farmers. He was running to Sandpoint for help, but after finding the party begs that they go check the farmlands and save whoever they can.


The party agrees after a few sighs of exasperation and head over to the Meddles Farm. They'd previously helped the farmer after dealing with some Ankhegs, but when they arrive at the farm they are attacked by ghoulish turned farm animals that had bought for the farmer. Jaren makes absolutely mincemeat of the hordes of undead using his training and reach to destroy the vast amount of them before they can even reach the party. The rest are put down quickly and efficiently. With the undead destroyed the party searches the farm but finds no one alive.  Getting closer to the Hambley farm the party finds it is surrounded by ominous looking corn fields. Though the corn is mostly dead stalks at this time of year. The party forges ahead with Eydan using his new ring of jumping to leap upwards and scout their path. The party is surprised as a scarecrow rips itself from the boards it was hanging on and springs at the party. Jaren reacting with his trained combat reflexes manages to cut the creature down and sheathe his sword in one smooth blow. The party continues making their way to the farmhouse. At the next intersection they see more of the scarecrows and recognize that it has another body hanging from the frame. Rather than getting ambushed Eydan sneaks up and drops three arrows into the creature before it can react. However, the party is appalled to discover that it was a living human dressed up as a scarecrow. Purrcival recognizes the corpse as Lettie Guffmin and though she was clearly deep in the throes of ghoul fever she was alive before the arrows hit. Understandable distressed the party agrees to let any future scarecrows just ambush them before filling them with arrows. They get to the farmhouse with no more ambushes and are charged by a group of undead. They recognize one as the Foxglove groundskeeper they were searching for earlier, but the ghast poses no problem as Eydan drops the creature before it can do more than charge out of the barn. The rest of the undead fall with similar ease. The party searches the undead and besides finding a now unneeded manor key on Rogors they don't find anything on the undead. In the dilapidated farmhouse they find a large lockbox that is meticulously organized with bundles of silver coins in baggies of 100 silver each. It looks to be the Hambley's life savings, and as Purrcival had heard the man appears to have been hoarding it rather than fixing up the farmhouse for him or his family. They search the rest of the fields surrounding the farmhouse and find Lettie's husband still alive (though he is also in terrible shape). He is barely coherent when they find him and he warns them about the undead in the barn and asks about his wife. They awkwardly explain that she was killed, but they promise to try to make it better. The session ends with the party discussing how they could bring her back… reincarnation?



DM Notes:

  • The party isn't too high level for the opponents, but Jaren and Eydan just absolutely wreck these relatively squishy undead. Jaren was particularly successful versus the nearly mindless horde of ghoul chickens (bwark!)
  • The carrionstorms were intimidating looking but didn't really amount to much
  • I had some unstated druids nearby, guess I should stat those up if the party is going to be looking for a reincarnation.
  • It was great timing on the party murdering Lettie Guffmin. Purrcival was just talking about how it would be really evil of them to hang up some innocent people on the scarecrow frames. I'm taking credit for DMing him long enough to instill a healthy sense of paranoia.



Rewards / Loot:

  • 3,400 Silver


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 2 diseased rat swarms
  • 4 carrionstorms
  • Hordes of undead farm animals (I got a kick out of it)
  • Rogor, ghast
  • ~8 ghouls


End Date: Desnus 12



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