Rise of the Runelords

Session Twenty Seven

The Hut of the Sea Witch

Present Players:  Jaren, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda


Session Notes:

The party heads back to Sandpoint having cleared the farmlands with the body of Lettie Guffmin, the very sick Horran Guffmin, and Maester Grump. The first order of business is for the party to drop off the ailing at the Cathedral. They explain what happened to Father Zantus and vow to make what happened to Lettie right by giving Lettie the chance to come back to life. The only hitch in the plan is that they can only afford a reincarnation, and they don't currently know of anyone who can perform such a spell. They begin planning and take a night's rest. In the morning, the majority of the party are showing various rashes and signs of disease which the two clerics promptly heal up. They also make sure that Horran is well on his way to recovery and explain their plan. He is a bit dubious at first, but agrees once the party tells him they can speak with Lettie via magic and determine her own wishes. While the rest of the party is trying to get a contact to the local druids, Feda heads to the sanitarium to make good on her promise to cure Grayst Sevilla. She is very abruptly turned away with a nervous Erin Habe telling her it is no longer necessary and no she cannot see the patient.


The rest of the party go and visit Niska Mvashti who has a number of contacts with the local druids. She tells them of the "Sea Witch" Malia who lives on Grubber's Hermitage. As far as she knows, Malia has been there at least as long as Sandpoint has been around. She explains that Malia is not a member of the local druid circle but she knows her through some of the more public gathering. Niska confirms that the reincarnation magic is within Malia's power, but that the party will have to convince the witch to use it. The next step is hiring a boat so the party goes to visit Turch Sterglus. It takes some convincing to visit Grubber's Hermitage; the small thorp of Batun on the island has a foul reputation around Sandpoint and Turch is worried about the witch that allegedly lives on the island. Finally Turch relents and agrees to take the short boat journey over to the island. Vincent splits from the party to do a quick delivery of a mackerel to Bethana at the Rusty Dragon asking her to feed his cat. She insists that is his cat, and she is not interested in owning one but is convinced by the charming cleric. It probably helps that Vincent offers the rest of the mackerel for Bethana's own use.


The party makes the short trip over to the island of Grubber's Hermitage. It is a small island roughly 7 miles by 4 miles and is hilly terrain covered in forests. As they round the island a gigantic cedar (nearly 300 feet tall) comes into view and as they get closer a small village comes into view. The little village huddles around the cedar as a scatter of buildings. The whole of the thing couldn't account for more than 80 people if all the buildings are for full families. As the party docks no one comes out to greet the party and the few people on the dirt paths that serve as roads in the village go out of their way to avoid the party. They eventually find the town's sole tavern, The Foolish Pilgrim. The building is a long low structure and as they enter the only occupants are a large brown bear and an elf standing behind the bar daydreaming. Both snap to attention as the party enters and the elf introduces himself as Vare and the bear as Telta. The party ask him about the empty streets and what's going on, but he is reluctant to explain too much. He suggests they talk to Malia about it and agrees to show them a rarely used trail heading toward the witch's hut.


The party follows the rough trail to the other side of the island and are greeted by a small stone hut set onto a rocky shore. The hut appears to have been shaped from a large boulder and the furniture near it appears to be driftwood that has been warped to make comfortable chairs and serviceable tables. The party is greeted by a elven lady who introduces herself jokingly as the Sea Witch. As the party explains their plight she agrees to help them, but it will be at least two days before she can prepare the ritual for reincarnation. Once that has been agreed on the party quiz her on the strange behavior of Vare and the townsfolk. She explains that the town pays a monthly tribute to some black dragon kin that enter the town. They signal the tribute is due by sending a silver metallic raven and then arrive a couple of days afterwards. The raven arrived the day prior and the village is currently on edge as they prepare the tribute for the incoming band. She is no great fan of this practice but her attempts at getting the village to stop have fallen on deaf ears. She's given up on convincing the humans of the village to stop it and now watches in disgust and keeps her own side of the island clear of the dragon's minions. The villagers situation bothers the majority of the party, but particularly gets under the skin of Jaren who wants to free them from this protection racket (as Vincent describes it). The party heads back to Batun and interview Vare about the practice. He agrees it is absurd but saw no need to rock the boat when he moved to the small village. The party pries a bit and determine he is avoiding some people in his past living in this remote thorp and is happy to deal with their eccentrics ways as long as he can avoid trouble. He tells them that the village is roughly governed by him, Loby Finnell, and Mesyrm Erwer. Before leaving the village for Sandpoint  the party visits Loby's home to see the silver raven, and while there they see her staring at them from the window. After speaking to the party through a cracked door, she eventually comes out onto her stoop and defends the villages practice saying that so far the village has seen no bad effects so clearly it is working well. She is obstinate in her argument and it drives Jaren to great frustrations before the party leaves in disgust.

Back in Sandpoint the session wraps with Vincent and Jaren visiting Niska to gripe about the village's strange practices. She isn't willing to give them her blessings on their belief to do something about the village's strange practices, but says nothing when Jaren plots a way to proof the villagers wrong by enacting a fake attack on the village. He hopes to prove that the village has been wasting their time and money with such an effort. Vincent heartily approves and the two of them race off to explain their cunning plan to the rest of the party.


DM Notes:

  • I wasn't really sure how to use Grubber's Hermitage, so I decided to throw an ambiguous situation at the party. I'm really enjoying how they're working through how to handle it.
  • I'm also curious on what this reincarnation roll is going to be



Rewards / Loot:

  • A sense of frustration for the habits of country bumpkins


Challenges / Monsters:


End Date: Desnus 14



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