Rise of the Runelords

Session Twenty-Nine

Hail Mary Arrow

Present Players:  Jaren, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda, Aurelia


Session Notes:

The session kicks off with the party in the midst of combat with a handful of wyverns and the half-dragon scrag, Black Maw. Jaren is in the thick of it surrounded by a couple of wyverns and Vile Maw. He manages to weather the first charge of the creatures and giving them a few painful slices with his blade as he lunges forward to meet charges. The wyverns are largely ineffectual, but Vile Maw is able to land a number of painful hits. He summons the spirits from his haunted boots to cover himself in twisting ghostlike fog. The concealment makes it more difficult for his enemies to tie him up. Feda is able to blind a few of the enemies with divine radiance allowing Jaren more time to recover, and Purrcival piles on the crowd control effects by causing Vile Maw to go wild with laughter. The hideous laughter spell doesn't last long but effectively removes the troll from the fight as the party continues to rush toward the melee. Aurelia lends plenty of artillery by throwing a combination of fireballs and magic missiles, further enhancing her own power with her magic mask's ability. Jaren is not to be outdone and lands a number of critical strikes on his foes. When Vile Maw tries to rush for the nearby river to active his regenerative abilities he stumbles to the ground due to blindness. The scrag uses his draconic heritage to further his life a bit a longer by casting shields of force with his minor arcane talent. It isn't enough and soon he falls which causes the wyverns to send one of their members back to the nest as the rest battle to the death. Eydan stands strong as one of the creatures attempts to pin him down, but he is nimbly able to weave around and continue to pepper his enemies with piercing arrows. The fleeing wyvern is able to get into the air quickly, but a combination of long range spells from Vincent and Aurelia and the wyvern's poor flying ability manages to slow the creature. The spells delay the creature long enough for Eydan to get down to the docks where he is faced with a shot at the extreme range of his bow. The wyvern is roughly 520 feet offshore of the island when Eydan gets one final chance to drop it before the creature escapes the parties range. He lobs three arcing arrows out across the water and the first strikes true dropping the creature into the sea and stopping the wyvern's master from learning their fate.


By this time the rest of the party has gathered at the docks and the villagers surround the party. The villagers have vastly different opinions on the Thistles killing the envoy of the dragons. Some of them are relieved that they will no longer be paying tribute to creatures that have never provided much. However, there is roughly an equal number enraged by the party stepping in and killing the village's guardians. Loby leads this faction and seems to be trying to convince the villagers to mob the adventurers for vengeance, but Jaren is able to deliver a speech explaining the adventurer's reasoning and proclaiming they are now free to live their lives without the threat of this protection racket. With the help of Vincent and Purrcival he is able to sway enough of the villagers that Loby can't convince them to act. She continues to rant but is further shut down by Eydan suggesting she may have been working with the dragons and getting kickbacks. That is the final straw and she leaves outraged. Mesym and Vare seem much calmer about their new situation and the people go back to The Foolish Pilgrim to discuss their new situation. Feda discusses setting up a trade agreement between Thistletop and Batun since Sandpoint has such a dim view of the thorp. They are both open to the ideal and discuss it to some depth with the dwarven cleric. The next morning the party heads to Malia's hut to deal with the business of the reincarnation.


Malia is pleased by the Thistles dealing with the dragon's envoy, and doesn't seem concerned about any repercussions from the dragons themselves. She is very familiar with the dragon's hierarchy and explains it to the party. The Dragon's Punchbowl is the lair of an ancient black dragon by the name of Scarhorn. Scarhorn has lived at the punchbowl for at least five hundred years, but makes a point to not attract attention to her lair. She doesn't raid any villages or ships within a day's flight of her home and generally tries to keep a low profile to avoid dragon hunters. However, her younger brother Black Fang was much more rambunctious and continually attempting to make a name for himself. Black Fang was the sire of Black Maw, and would likely be very angry about his murder. However, he has recently been kicked out of the Dragon's Punchbowl because he attacked a merchant ship near Sandpoint recently. His sister Scarhorn forced him to find a new lair and he is busily trying to set himself up in a new location. Malia was unsure where his new lair was, but she doubts he is going to be interacting with Batun in the near future. Black Maw was planning to continue living at the Dragon's Punchbowl by offering the tribute to Scarhorn rather than Black Fang, but Malia doubts Scarhorn would have been very pleased with the attention that entailed. As long as the party doesn't make a point of bragging about murdering Scarhorn's kin they are likely safe from her attention.


The reincarnation ritual goes well afterwards. Lettie is brought back in the form of a Deep Gnome and seems to be tickled to just be alive. She spends some time getting used to her new form, seeming to be particularly amazed by her new short height and minor magical talents the form inherited. After giving her some time to get used to the form the party heads back to Sandpoint via water walk with hopes of letting Horren see his wife's new body.


DM Notes:

  • The party was able to effectively neuter Black Maw's DPS. He would of probably been able to kill someone if he had been able to full attack for a couple of rounds unimpeded.
  • The wyvern flight was a nice epic wrap-up, though I did find out later the wyvern should of lost altitude but not straight fallen. I think the falling made for a better story so not too concerned that we misplayed a rule.
  • The party kept a lot of the loot but returned the rest to the village not feeling right about taking it.
  • I'm glad Lettie got a decent form and not something truly weird on the reincarnation table
  • The party has yet to revisit the main plot, but really in game not much time has passed so that's probably fine. As a DM I actually enjoy side quests since it gives me a chance to be a bit more creative, but I have to be aware of the main plot thread and make sure it doesn't "pause" unrealistically while the party is distracted. 


Rewards / Loot:

  • Bag of Holding III
  • Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power
  • (Strong Divination) Magic Metal Book


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Half Dragon Scrag, Black Maw
  • 6 Wyverns
  • Loby's Potential Mob
  • Reincarnation Ritual


End Date: Desnus 15



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