Rise of the Runelords

Session Twenty-Five

Fury of a Scorned, Undead Woman

Present Players:  Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda


Session Notes:

The party continued the exploration under the Foxglove Manor after easily putting down a few ghouls. Unsurprisingly, they found more of the creatures waiting for them deeper in the tunnels as they trailed after the revenant. The next set of ghouls proved no more challenging, and were mostly unremarkable beyond one having a strange piece of stone jammed into its skull. The party intent on following the enraged revenant didn’t spend time investigating it or the surrounding rooms. The first real obstacle to the party took the form of a slippery slope that slanted deeply into dark waves some 100 feet below. Across the funnel like hole the party could just make out Iesha trying to bludgeon down a stone door. The party began to carefully make their way over to her, and with some thanks to Feda for shaping stone stairs they were able to make it down to her level relatively easily. However, as the party begin making the slippery climb they were ambushed by a number of goblin ghasts. These creatures proved to be a bit tougher than the previous undead thanks to their awful stench and the slippery battlegrounds. With a bit of effort the party was able to prevail and make their way over to the door Iesha was battering without anyone falling into the depths below.


The party uses a key from the attic to open the door without disturbing the revenant and she charges into the breach. Inside the party finds a small laboratory where Aldern Foxglove, now  the Skinsaw man, lounges. As his undead wife enters the room he drops to his knees and begs her forgiveness, but she is having none of it and proceeds to whale on him around the chamber. His two ghast allies are unable to stop the combined power of the party and the angered revenant. The ghasts quickly fall to the party and they watch as Iesha bashes Aldern around the chamber. Before long she manages to get a firm grip on both sides of his skull and crushes it like an overripe melon. With the deed done she neatly folds his arms over his chest and lies down beside him releasing her tenacious grip on her own undead life. The party spends a brief bit of time searching the room. During their search they find some belongings of Eydan that appeared to have been collected as Aldern stalked him. In amongst his belongings are a number of drawings showing Eydan being murdered in a number of gruesome ways. They also find a strange fungus on the wall in the shape of a man, while looking at it Vincent feels a compulsion to consume a bit of the fungus which he quickly shakes off. After searching the area the party decides to split up as the magic circle protecting Jaren from the suggestion spell is fading. Jaren, Eydan, and Vincent head upstairs while the rest of the party do some final investigations. Feda having consecrated the area during the fight feels an unusual foul attention on her from the house. Aurelia thinking the clean the fungus off the wall burns it with a scorching way, which causes the whole house to shutter with rage. As the spell completes the fungus peels itself off the wall in an ethereal festering mass. Feda, Purrcival, and Aurelia all start running as it begins to grow to full power. Aurelia stumbles on the slippery stone outside and falls into the depths. Feda knowing she is the slowest invokes Torag's blessing marking a ghost glyph on her weapon allowing her to better fight incorporeal foes. Purrcival easily makes across the slippery stone before the others and uses a scroll of whispering wind to notify the rest of the party to hurry back downstairs. Aurelia manages to free her wand of monkeyfish and casts the spell allowing her to swim/climb her way out of the hole. Feda joins Purrcival and waits for the evil spirit to charge. It obliges and tramples through the party. Everywhere it goes it leaves a trail of putrid fungus and slime which damages the living's constitution. Feda, Purrcival, and Aurelia manage to hold off the creature with a combination of magic missiles and an enchanted warhammer until the rest of the party arrives. Once they reunite they mostly play a game of whack-a-mole as the creature flits in and out of walls. Finally, Vincent is able to unleash a burst of holy energy to finish the creature.


Level to 6


DM Notes:

  • I was surprised the party managed to summon Vorel's spirit. Feda managed to randomly cast consecrate during the Aldern fight, then Aurelia burned the fungus. Good on them for removing the main source of the house's power.
  • Ghouls are not particularly threatening at the moment since Eydan and Jaren can basically one shot them.
  • I think the Misgivings was a really good section overall, even if I'm not the biggest fan of the haunt rules.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Silver Key Ring – 10 GP
  • Iron Key with a Round Opal – 100 GP
  • Chime of Opening (5 Charges) {Forgot to add this during the session, found near the fungus in Vorel's lab}
  • Roaring Lion Key
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Nobles Outfit – 200 GP
  • Stalker's Mask
  • Cameo with Eydan Portrait – 100 GP
  • Letter from Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 4 Ghouls
  • 4 Goblin Ghasts
  • The Skinsaw Man
  • Festering Spirit


End Date: Desnus 12



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