Rise of the Runelords

Session Twenty-Eight

Wyvern uses Discern. It is Super Effective!

Present Players:  Jaren, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda


Session Notes:

The party prepares their spells to talk to the corpse of Lettie Guffmin the next morning at Sandpoint. The party speaks to Horran and allows him to observe the ceremony. They go into the vault that has been storing the gentle reposed corpse of Lettie and Feda casts the spell to speak with the dead. The corpse animates to answer her questions as Feda finishes the spells. Lettie comes back with a dusty gasp and Horran begins to quietly panic in the back clutching at Vincent. Lettie confirms that she does want to return to the realm of the living to once again be with her beloved husband. When asked if she would prefer to be reincarnated now or raised at some future point Lettie seems more interested in coming back immediately. With one final call to her husband that she will soon be reunited with him the corpse once again falls back to the stone bier.


The party then heads back over to Batun hoping to oversee this tribute and determine if they should become involved now or deal with the strange village at some future date. When they arrive the party finds a tribute setup in the small garden around the large cedar tree in the center of the village. It is being guarded by four men who huddle a bit closer to protect the treasure when the party shows up. The party stops to interrogate the men a bit, Jaren asking if they have any tales of the great protection that the dragons provide the village. The men insist of course they do, but when pressed fail to relay any convincing stories. One claims that the village's ships never get attacked by sea creatures and storms never seem to hit the island. Purrcival points out that the village is in a relatively temperate area for storms so that sounds sensible, and one of the four men seem to be a bit unsure when the leader claims ships aren't attacked. Jaren and Vincent press him a bit and he asks about the Sanderson's boat that was recently attacked. The leader assures them that they were only attacked because they were not in an area the dragons blessed. The leader of the guards doesn't really have much of a response to these comments and the party scoffs and heads over to the Foolish Pilgrim.


The party talks with Vare a bit deciding to split up. Eydan and Feda take Lettie's wrapped corpse to Malia's hut. The sea witch isn't present, so Feda entombs the corpse in a boulder using stone shape. Knowing the corpse is protected they once again return to the village. In the meantime Purrcival is set to guard duty in the garden around the cedar tree, but the sun is warm and he mostly naps on a comfortable stone bench. Eydan and Jaren continue their expedition to rouse the villagers to riot against the dragons. They meet with the last elder of the village, Mesym, who turns out to be the son of Malia. He agrees that the dragons are running a protection racket, but the village doesn't really have the strength of arm to throw them out. He talks a bit about his mother's past with the village, and how his father was killed when one such attempt failed. Ever since then his mother has washed her hand of the village preferring to stay on the far end of the island. They talk a bit longer before heading over to the Foolish Pilgrim for drinks. The party spends a night with Vare sleeping in the inn.


The next morning Vare cooks the party up a nice breakfast and it isn't long before a hubbub is heard in the street. The wyverns that signify the arrival of the dragon's scions have arrived and perch in the tree high above the village. Soon afterwards an extravagantly dressed Loby shows up to receive Vare's tributes. She is wearing a ridiculous helm that is easily 8 inches tall with a scaly covering topped off by two drift wood horns carved into curving horns. Eydan having not met Loby before scoffs at her outfit and does his usual job of charming the woman. She takes Vare's tribute and leaves in a huff.


Soon after the majority of the village is waiting around the tribute. Eydan hides in the crowd and as far as the party can tell the Wyverns don't seem to track his movements, but as soon as the rest of the party leaves the inn the creatures track them visually and begin to converse in some hissing language. Purrcival notices which causes Feda and him to retreat back to the inn to converse with Vincent who is staying back (due to his golden arms and armor). Jaren decides to stay out by the tribute near the front of the crowd to get a read on this Black Maw character who usually comes to take the treasure. Before long another wyvern shows up and appears to converse with the two creatures in the tree, and then it leaves shortly after a brief conversation. The crowd tenses (besides Loby who near the tribute pile seems to be ecstatic) as a large black scaled scrag comes around the corner. It has huge muscular arms and surveys the crowd with dull eyes before giving an ugly grin at the tribute pile. The creature notes Jaren as it approaches and gives him a stare down which he returns without flinching. Loby proceeds to take each piece of treasure over to the creature who slips it into a small bag at his belt. The bag seems to take in whatever treasure it is stretched over and the party recognizes it as a high level bag of holding. The creature shows some rudimentary spellcasting and detects magic on a piece of the treasure then glances at Jaren which causes Black Maw to salivate with greed. He demands that Jaren offer some tribute rather rudely, but Jaren is able to convince the slow witted creature that he may could get it more loot by talking to his employer. The dumb creature agrees to let him go off and talk to his boss, but the larger wyvern behind Black Maw lets out an angry yell in draconic telling Black Maw to not let Jaren leave (It seems that wyvern at least is smarter than Black Maw). Black Maw lets out a roar and charges at Jaren.


DM Notes:

  • I'm not too surprised the party is coming to blows with Black Maw. Jaren was really not approving of the racket that they were running.  Jaren very nearly convinced Black Maw to isolate himself into a more vulnerable position but the wyverns have a much better sense motive (and intelligence seemingly?) than the scrag which ruined the attempt.
  • Jaren rolled really good initiative and began to book it out of town at the start of combat, so it doesn't seem like the village will be damaged so the party did at least accomplish that goal.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Minus one Lettie Guffmin corpse


Challenges / Monsters:


End Date: Desnus 14



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