Rise of the Runelords

Session Thirty-One

The City of Monuments

Present Players:  Jaren, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda, Aurelia

Session Notes:

The party takes the Manticore statue back to Thistletop to set it up as an intimidating lobby ornament. After much direction from Purrcival, Jaren finally manages to position it to satisfy the cat's design. The journey to Magnimar takes a couple of days, but nothing bothers the travelers on the way. The party has a busy day of selling the bits of loot they'd managed to acquire over the past few days of adventure.  While shopping they hear a number of rumors, Jaren hears about their own exploits of saving Sandpoint from ghouls and solving the murders. Vincent and Purrcival hear tell that there have been some similar murders here in Magnimar. It seems like the murderers have mostly been targeting nobles, merchants, bankers, and lawyers. The bodies are likewise marked with the Sihedron rune and the corpse's jaws removed. Aurelia does not hear tell of such heavy rumors and instead focuses on the monuments around the city. She learns that the variety of monuments around the city can offer various magical effects if one takes the time to meditate at their bases. The Thistles take the time to visit Mersoolian and take back the Eye of Wrath from their earlier adventures on Rivenrake Isle. Mersoolian tells them that he was able to track down Rollo Sven to Palin's Cove near Korvosa but he isn't sure why the man was going that way. They ask if Mersoolian has any leads on why the murders have started happening here, but Mersoolian admits that he doesn't have any real knowledge. He seemed surprised that the party doesn't have a better idea of the killer's motives after dealing with Sandpoint. Feda tries to learn more about the murders happening in the city, but a combination of the temples busily making sure their own are well guarded and Feda being relatively unknown stops her from gaining much useful intel. She does learn that more of the victims have come from the faithful of Abadar than Iomedae but otherwise turns up no new leads. Feda does at least provide all the knowledge they've gained from Sandpoint back to the Temple of Abadar. While this is going on Eydan hears tell of a new drug that is sweeping the streets of Magnimar known as Dream Milk. He manages to track down a brutally honest dealer in the Underbridge district that goes by the name of Shady Pete. Pete lays it down straight and offers Eydan a wide selection of stuff (after warning him off the really bad stuff). The drug is supposed to grant amazing dreams and a full night's rest even if you only sleep a single hour. Pete does warn it is a bit addictive, but not nearly as harmful as some of his stuff. Aurelia heads to the Grand Arch district and does some shopping around the district. She tries her hand meditating at the Founder's Flame monument but doesn't seem to get much out of it. Jaren and Vincent head to the Founder's Archive and Museum of Ages to learn more about his sword. He is rebuffed from meeting the museum curator though the half-elf scribe, Sharwith, he does talk with promises that he'll be added to the schedule. Eydan signs up to be a member of the Hunter's Guild and tells them about his idea of setting up Thistletop as a sort of hunting resort. They seem enthusiastically interested and promise to assist in whatever way he needs (provided the guild gets its proper share of the revenue).


The party reconvenes at the Rag and Garter, which is basically a hipster bar where nobles dress down and go 'slumming' in a nice safe environment. The workers all dress down like vagrants and the food is all appropriately themed as 'poor people' food. Feda and Eydan loathe the bar (though for different reasons). Eydan eventually has to be shushed by the staff for making fun of the young nobles. The party debate their plans for investigating the Foxglove Estate here in the Grand Arch district. They decide to head to Pug's Contraptions and arrive just as he is closing up shop. They manage to convince him to tell them where he sent the cages they found in Foxglove Manor after a bit of prodding. Morgamer Pug is not very enthusiastic about the party being there and is a bit offended at claiming his goods were involved in something sinister. Things get a bit more tense when Feda on her way out hears the party debating if Morgamer could craft them things and she points out she can do it cheaper and faster. While true, it doesn't really make Morgamer very happy to hear. Feda tries to make some amends by buying Purrcival a singing clockwork bird, but Mr. Pug is happy to see the party leave his shop. Heading back from the shop Feda and Vincent pray at the Our Lady of Blessed Waters and receive a blessing that strengthens their divine spells. Eydan takes advantage of their delay to scout the estate and inside he hears some strange voices talking in a language he doesn't recognize. The party manages to sneak into the alley behind the estate and cast a few buff spells before getting into the walled in garden behind the house. They make use of a silence spell on a rock to ensure their silence, but when Feda is going to identify the language she makes a bit too much noise and the voices inside stop. They open the door and are surprised to see Aldern and Iesha Foxglove staring at them seemingly in perfect health (no undead here!). In a very tense, exchange the two parties make some small talk before Eydan shoots at Aldern. This causes Iesha to revert to a strange rubbery bodied creature with a face covered in strange whirls and swirls. Purrcival recognizes them as faceless stalkers and battle quickly follows. The party has the advantage on numbers and the combat quickly becomes a rout. It turns out the stalkers weren't alone and two humans attempt to escape, one out a window and one fleeing through the front door. Feda nearly grabs a faceless stalker, but it compresses itself into a ridiculous shape and fits into a sewer drain. However, the party is able to stay pretty well in step with the humans and is working on securing them as the session ends.

DM Notes:

  • Ankheg Chitin would use these rules (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment/special-materials/#TOC-Coral-Chitin-and-Sea-Shells ). They'd also receive a discount when enchanting for Acid Resistance (see Dragon Armor).
  • The party can buy loot in the down time between sessions to represent the Magnimar shopping trip.
  • I think the party has all the clues to figure out the murders, but they haven't put it together yet. I expect they'll figure it out eventually.
  • I sort of wish some of these combats were more difficult, buy Eydan and Jaren are able to hit so consistently against these weaker monsters it seems like the monsters rarely get to do much damage. Oh well, I expect the next module to be a bit better on the challenge scale.

Rewards / Loot:

  •  Eye of Wrath from Mersoolian
  • {Goods bought}

Challenges / Monsters:

  • 3 Faceless Stalkers

End Date: Desnus 19



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