Rise of the Runelords

Session Thirty

Cleaning Up

Present Players:  Jaren, Vincent, Purrcival, Eydan, Feda, Aurelia


Session Notes:

The party's first order of business is to let Horran meet his wife in her new form. He is extremely nervous but after some kind words from Feda and Vincent they re-introduce the two of them. The two are happy to once again be reunited after some initial awkwardness. Lettie Guffmin insists on the party coming over for a home cooked meal at some point and they both promise to help the party anyway they can. After a bit more plotting the party decides there are a lot of loose ends that they should handle before following up on the investigation from the manor. After a stern talking to from Bethana, Vincent decides he needs to find a new owner for his adopted cat Skivver. He heads off to find a new owner while the rest of the party split up to follow up some tasks at Thistletop. Eydan and Aurelia goes to the carpenter's guild and gives a tour of Thistletop to the guild master and start to plan out some improvements. Feda, Purrcival, and Jaren busy themselves recovering the giant golden helmets from the treasury in the lower levels of Thistletop. With the help of Jaren's Heavyload Belt the party manages to get it back to Sandpoint. Though they know they'll need to get it to Magnimar to be able to sale it. Vincent manages to convince Ameiko to adopt the cat, though she isn't thrilled with the idea.


Afterwards, the party takes a rest at the Rusty Dragon and then decides to clean up some loose ends around the Sanitorium and Foxglove Manor. They first head to the Sanitorium but send Eydan to scout it out sense last time Feda visited she was turned away. He manages to sneak around the place without being seen. Inside the asylum he sees the tiefling nurses tending patients and he sees Erin interacting with the patients a bit. However, Erin keeps giving nervous glances over to a man that Eydan doesn't recognize. The man is older and is flanked by two of the clockwork guardians while he eats a small breakfast. Eydan wracks his brain to see if he could recognize the man, but fails to figure him out. Eydan sees a chance to search Erin's office and does so by silently unlocking the window. Eydan finds notes on all the current patients with nearly daily updates, however, the patient Grayst that had been infected with ghoul fever only has a few entries that end shortly after Feda managed to cure the man. Eydan manages to hear Erin approaching and dives out the window without being spotted, but Erin is left suspicious and looks around to see if anything has been taken. Once Eydan returns the party debates heading over to the Sanitorium to confront the Erin and the old man (whom they surmise is the sanitorium's financial backer), but ultimately decide it would be too suspicious even if they end up missing the chance to confront him.


The party heads back to the Foxglove Manor and finishes searching the place. Purrcival uses the new bag of holding to purloin the stuffed Manticore statue. They receive the last haunt of the mansion showing Vorel's final attempt at transforming into a lich. In that same room they find some relatively new looking cages with symbols that Purrcival (somehow) recognizes as Pug's Contraptions from Magnimar. They finish up searching after finding the clue, heading down into the Sandstone caverns below. Jaren stumbles into some yellow mold, but manages to resist the debilitating effects. Feda finds an undead Dire Bat (known as a Skaveling), but manages to fend the creature off by herself. The creature vows vengeance and wings out the well shaft open in the back room. They find a couple of items that were missed the first time, and they also finally to manage to identify the strange metal book. It is a Sorcerer's Spellbook which allows a spontaneous caster to add a random known spell once a day.


DM Notes:

  • Solid wrap up session of a lot of the loose ends from the adventure path so far.
  • The party is heading to Magnimar next, where I believe they'll be chasing down the main plot thread and a couple of side quests.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Breaking Pickaxe
  • Gems


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Carrying a large helmet
  • Skaveling


End Date: Desnus 17



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