Rise of the Runelords

Session 13

…They're crazy, can we go?

Present Players: Eydan, Purrcival, Jaren, Aurelia, Feda, Vincent

Session Notes:

The party started the session trying to determine how much they trust Lyrie (not much) and how much info they can pull from the wizard. At first Jaren is sympathetic, but it isn't longer before he realizes Lyrie is very unstable and overall not a nice person. After Purrcival sniffs the little bag of artifacts (toenails, hair, etc.) he realizes that they belong to Tsuto. Once the party figures this out they manage to get some decent information from the wizard by showing them Tsuto's journal that talks very highly of Nualia. Once she begins to rage at Nualia the party is much more confident in her cooperation and Lyrie points out the secret door downstairs where Nualia is currently working.


Going further down into the bowels of Thistletop the party finds familiar Thassilonian stonework. Eydan scouts ahead to make sure there are no trapped areas. Unfortunately, the trap is well hidden and Eydan stumbles onto a pressure pad which causes two large gates to crash down on either side of him. After the gates crash down two within the narrow area begin to vigorously swing stone glaives. Eydan manages to ensare one with a tanglefoot arrow, but the other lands a couple of significant blows. The party works quickly to break down the grates with the help of Feda's divine touch (domain ability to break constructs / objects) and Jaren's rather large sword.


The trap delays the party a great deal and by the time they arrive at the next door they hear someone casting spells in preparation of a fight. By the time the party manages to bust into the room they find a fully buffed cleric of Lamashtu ready to throw down. The following fight is relatively contained with good front to back positioning with Jaren and the clerics holding down the front and the rest of the party throwing spells and arrows over their shoulders. The cleric manages to handle a few rounds hand to hand with Jaren, but soon his blows drop the Nualia with a brutal beheading. The two Yeth Hounds last a bit longer, but Feda is able to bless the party's weapons and negate their damage reduction.


After the fight the party heals up with  a channel from Vincent, and they begin to plan their next steps. They want to take out Bruzathamus the bugbear ranger that Lyrie confirmed lives in Thistletop. Lyrie once again helpfully points the party on the way, though mostly so she can go back to reading now that she is satisfied the party is going to take her to Tsuto. The party surprises Bruzathamus who is in his room with a harem of 5 goblins in heavy make up. The two parties quickly clash, but one of the dolled up goblins managed to slip past and run up the stairs screaming bloody murder. Eydan is able to drill Bruzathamus with enough arrows that the bugbear collapses in a bloody pile. However, the party hears the whole fort mobilizing against them, and as a nearby door slams open revealing a heavily armored human they prepare for a dire battle. They are all shocked when the armored human throws down his sword and declares, "the whole fortress as crazy and he just wants off this godforsaken island". He offers to help the party if they'll help him, and they gladly accept the offered sword.


DM Notes:

  • We've made it to nearly the end of Book One of Rise of the Runelords
  • After running it by the party, I've decided to drop the revised action economy. I like what it is trying to do, but currently it lacks the rule support and balance I'd prefer. It really breaks low level fighters (Jaren) as far as expected damage output.
  • I managed to end the session on just the right note. The party had just alerted the goblins and things were looking dire, and I was able to have a sudden shift in their hopes as Orik burst through a door and declared these cultists of Lamashtu nuts, can we work together?
  • I expect this will be a difficult fight, but the party has pretty good tactical location options. I expect a bit of a grindy fight, but one that I expect the party will slog through successfully.
  • Normally, goblins morale would probably break relatively quickly in such a fight, but the goblins have limited options given the rope bridge isn't fully repaired yet.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Sihedron Medallion
  • Masterwork Breastplate
  • Masterwork Bastard Sword
  • Masterwork Composite (+3) Longbow
  • Gold Holy Symbol to Lamashtu (100 gp)
  • 7 Platinum Pieces
  • 5 Gold Pieces


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Glaive Cage Trap
  • Nualia, Cleric of Lamashtu
  • 2x Yeth Hounds
  • Bruzathamus
  • Bruzathamus' Harem



End Date: Spring 22



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