Rise of the Runelords

Session Sixty-Three

Bookkeeping and Heralds

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival

Session Notes:

After defeating the last of the giants, the exhausted party decides to camp in the Ogre Clanhold. Feda makes camp after setting up their Monkey Head alarm and goes straight to bed while the rest of the party finish up their work in the caverns. Vincent and Jakardros clean up Lamatar's body and prepare to take it back to the swamp, though the more knowledgeable casters are unsure it can be raised given its recent undead state. After that grim task is finished the party begins looting the combatants. They find a large silver needle, nearly six inches long, that they recognize as a Lore Needle. If a willing creature inserts it into their brain they are given great insight into the various knowledge skills. There is a lot of debate on if such a strange item is worth it that ends with them saving it for further debate. Searching the coven's lair they find a few magical bottles, a magical doll, and a magical book. Vincent takes the lead on attempting to identify items, but they fail to figure them all out so they decide to wait until Feda is awake before taking anything. Everyone is a bit creeped out by the battered knit doll but as far as they can tell it isn't hostile. The "statue" from the front hall is identified as a Rune Giant's body being preserved by a Sihedron Amulet. When the party takes the item it collapses into a pile of desiccated giant flakes. They gather the rest of the loot without incident, and their watch is uneventful.


Vincent is startled to awaken the next morning with the doll nestled in the crook of his arm and awakens with a scream. The rest of the party awaken and there's a lot of debate on what happened. Feda is able to recognize the doll as a Needful Doll. It is a cursed item that returns to its owner and if it is mistreated will curse them with nightmares. It is devilishly hard to get rid of with magic, but if it is accepted by a willing new owner then it will leave the former owner in peace. As the party discusses various ways to trick the doll into leaving Vincent alone it forlornly slumps over though no one is sure if it is the cold winds blowing through the cavern or the doll itself. Eventually Vincent just decides to treat the doll right and endeavors to make it feel welcome by naming it and putting it in a place of honor on his pack. None of the other items are cursed, and Feda is able to decipher what each does. The magical book is a Book of Secrets which allows the wielder to whisper a secret in and be told one in turn helping them with knowledge checks. The bottles are a bottled scream and yeti fur. The doll, "Rann", is crafted some rough cold weather gear and Vincent goes outside to pray in the morning sun while Feda goes to use the Ogre's forge for her prayers to Torag.


Vincent is surprised to notice two figures watching him as he finishes his prayers to Sarenrae. They introduce themselves as Fetsni and Ivan. Fetsni is a fair skinned human with wheat colored hair. She is dressed in simple but practical clothes and isn't wearing any armor or weapons of note. Ivan is a stout black haired dwarf wearing armor and he has a large well-worn war hammer strapped to his back. They introduce themselves explaining they were in the area on a different errand and decided to pay the party a visit. Vincent is struck with a familiarity to Fetsni, but can't exactly place the feeling. Deciding to trust the two strangers he invites them to meet the rest of the party. Ivan joins in with Feda praying to Torag using the forges while Fetsni walks to their campsite with Vincent.


After their prayers, Ivan and Feda have a short chat. Ivan gives Feda a wax paper wrapper package that seems to contain schematics to a weapon she'd been designing. The blueprints are for a "Multimetal Mace" which shocks her since she has shown no one her plans. Ivan isn't quick to explain himself and they both go join the rest of the party. Fetsni sees that Ivan has been handing out gifts and gives Vincent five prisms made of clear stones. She explains Ivan and herself were in the area dealing with Prism's Valley, and she encourages the party to go visit if they happen to have the time. She tells them there isn't a particularly rush, but if they did visit it might save the two of them future trips. The two divine casters begin to clue in on these two being fairly powerful servants of their deities and agree that they'll head that way as soon as is reasonable but they have some prior obligations.


The party wraps up the session by questioning Barl Breakbones the Stone Giant Leader using the Speak with Dead spell. The Q/A is captured here:

  • Where is Kaven?

    • The lap dog is with Lucrecia
  • Where is Lucrecia?

    • She has gone to Kaer Maga in the service of our master
  • Who is your master?

    • I served Lord Mokmurian
  • How do you serve your master?

    • We prepare the way for the Runelord of Greed, Karzoug
  • How long do we have until he rises?

    • The giant refuses to answer

DM Notes:

  • A non-combat session, but given the two prior were basically all combat I think that's ok
  • As a general rule, I feel like by level 10 clerics should be attracting attention of their deities (really, I think any class at level 10 should be relatively renown and expect there to be repercussions [good or bad] for that)
  • The Needful Doll was a big hit. I'm glad Vincent's player decided to lean into it rather than just scheming ways of getting rid of it as soon as possible

Rewards / Loot:

  • Bottled Yeti Fur
  • Book of Secrets
  • Bottled Scream
  • Needful Dolls
  • Black Onyx Gems
  • Masterwork Earthbreaker (LG)
  • Rough Gold Nugget
  • Stone Giant Bag Loot
  • Barl's Spellbook
  • Mammy's Spellbook
  • Masterwork Quarterstaff
  • Masterwork Ogre Hooks (LG, 2x)
  • Lamatar's Loot
  • Sihedron Amulet (Gargantuan)
  • Sihedron Amulet
  • Lore Needle
  • Multimetal Mace Schematics
  • Prism Stones (x5)
  • Shocking Longsword
  • Gargantuan Masterwork Glaive

End Date: Erastus (July) 1



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