Rise of the Runelords

Session Sixty - Sixty-Two

The Siege of Hook Mountain!

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival

Session Notes:

  • The party finds a dragon bone archway that Vincent recognizes as a Blue Dragon
  • They find a gigantic statue that Purrcival recognizes as a Rune Giant, but the party defers messing with it until after the buff / fighting. They see a magic amulet on it but leave it for now.
  • The intersection fight doesn't last that long. The 2 guards and hill giant serving as little more than a speed bump to the well buffed party, but they do cost a bit of time on the buffs.
  • Under strict orders to not charge they refuse to be baited and yell "NO" at Feda's taunts
  • Lunderbud begs from help, but he also receives a chorus of "NO"
  • Feda mother hens Jaren and Jakardros
  • The ogres in the Clanhold room try to stand strong but get steamrolled by the buffed party. One is lucky enough to connect on a thrown axe.
  • The lesser ogres don't matter much but the fighters manage to connect a few times with Feda and Jaren
  • As the last two fighters make their stand, both manage to connect with 2 hits on Feda and Jaren
  • The party quickly about faces as the last of the ogres in the Clanhold room fall.
  • Feda drops a wall of stone in front of the southern hag area, and the party continues onward to the altar room
  • Lamatar hits Jaren with an arrow, and the party charges into combat. Jaren manages to nimbly dodge the stone spikes while Mammy d-doors behind the party invisible with an ogre ally
  • Purrcival runs from the smell and drops a glitterdust successfully illuminating an ogre zombie and Mammy Graul. Graul fumbles the save and is blind for a round!
  • Jaren is force caged by the hidden hag coven. The party is still unaware that they're hanging out under the veil from their coven
  • Some poor rolls has the party on edge. Jaren barely survives some Baleful Polymorph.
  • Vincent being ultimately too suspicious of the saves on Jaren and the women being in the room drops a holy smite behind Lamatar which catches 2 of the hags. One is blinded and hisses out in pain which allows Vincent to pierce the illusion with his will power.
  • Purrcival drops a haste on the party as Jaren pulls back
  • Spiritual Ally was flubbed
  • Mammy slaps Jaren with her staff, but he tags her as she retreats
  • Mammy angrily pursues Purrcival but is unable to land a spell
  • Feda drops Lamatar and a hag
  • Mammy tries to exhaust Jaren but misses as her flab gets in the way
  • Jaren is able to move up and drop her with the benefit of True Sight
  • Purrcival is able to pierce the hag's DR with his arrows and drop the second of the trio
  • The last falls pretty quickly thereafter to Feda's hammer
  • Feda decides to check behind the curtain leading deeper into the dungeon and finds herself faced by 3 living stone giants and 2 zombie stone giants
  • From a massive throne in the back a deep voice laughs at the heroes
  • While the stone giant honor guards stand and watch, the two zombies pound the party
  • They put some heavy dents in Feda and Jaren before one is dropped by a serious of hammer blows and a flurry of arrows from Purrcival who drops it
  • The final zombie falls to a counter attack by Jaren. This causes the two living stone giants to stop standing at attention and readying themselves
  • Barl casts a fireball on the back line
  • Feda summons a veritable army of spiritual weapons and spiritual allies on one of the stone giants. Jaren manages to land some blows as he dodges forward from ranged attacks.
  • Vincent drops a flame strike roasting all 3 stone giants
  • Barl casts a wall of blindness/deafness around the two melee fighters (Jaren / Feda)
  • A swarm of ghostly forms overwhelm one of the stone giants as Jaren flows away in mithral style
  • Barl comes back in with an ray of exhaustion on Feda
  • Purrcival managers to cast hold monster from a scroll and the Stone Giant Wizard rolled a 1
  • Jaren's blade gets stuck to the wizard and he loses it
  • The spiritual weapons continue to swarm the wizard who flies about with Jaren's sword stuck to him
  • The spider nobly tries to web the giant AND DOES SO
  • Barl fails to break it like a pansy
  • Feda allows Jaren to ignore the strength damage
  • Barl continues to flit about but is stopped from casting spells due a lot of webs from the summon monster
  • Purrcival manages to drop the giant leader with a trio of well-placed shots

DM Notes:

  • Nice dungeon overall, the players were completely tapped at the end and had a pretty climatic final fight

Rewards / Loot:

  • Next Session! We don't have time for looting, there's buffs running!
  • Reached level 10

Challenges / Monsters Defeated (Approximately):

  • 8 Ogre Workers
  • 2 Ogre Fighters
  • Frost Wight (Lamatar)
  • Fast Ogre Zombie
  • Mammy Graul
  • 3 Annis Hags
  • Barl Breakbones
  • Relentless Stone Giant Zombies x2
  • Stone Giants x2


End Date: Sarenith 30



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