Rise of the Runelords

Session Sixty-Four

Tap, Tap the Needle into the Cranium

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival, Zilryn


Session Notes:

The party treks back to Fort Rannick from the defeated ogre clan's stronghold and it is thankfully uneventful. They rest there a night before heading back to Turtleback Ferry. The town is still on the road to recovery from the recent floods, but the townsfolk are happy to see the returning heroes. The gnomes have sent a large contingent of their local defense force, the Badger Company, from Sipplerose and are lending their aid in defense of the town and helping with what repairs they can. The Thistles meet the leader of the gnomish band, Brittle Rose, while giving Baroness Foxglove an overview of what happened in the mountains. The briefing is attended by the Thistles, the Baroness, Brittle Rose, and a strange gnomish figure. The large gnomish figure is introduced by Brittle Rose as Zilryn who hails from Sipple Rose and occasionally offers them aid for the more interesting challenges. He is a powerful kinectist and when he hears of the party's exploits he offers them his aid if they'll have it. The party is happy to accept his offer of help and Zilryn joins them on their mission to return Lamatar's body to Myriana in Whitewillow. They are quickly met on the outskirts of the swamp by Yap who once again leads them through the darkened swamp to Myriana's grove. Once again the ghostly nymph arises from the pool, but this time doesn't strike the party blind and seems to get a grasp on her sanity once again when she sees Lamatar's body. Vincent carefully brings up the body before beating a hasty retreat. Myriana intones a powerful spell beyond a simple reincarnation and is able to return Lamatar's spirit back to the material plane at the cost of her own existence. As her spirit fades away a bit of its favor flits about Purrcival before settling on him and twinkling away. Lamatar is brought back as a Duergar, which is another shock beyond just being returned to life. Jakardros now embraces his slightly shorter commander and does his best to explain the situation. As Myrianna's ghost fades from existence the rest of the swamp is released from her despair and a slightly nicer atmosphere seems to return to the area.


The party spends some time trying to re-investigate the celestial ship with their stronger magics, but they are unable to determine anything new from the wreck. The sword shaped hole that would enable it to fly never does surface despite their best efforts to imagine one somewhere in the hold. The party talks to Yap a bit more and tries to pry interesting adventuring opportunities in the surrounding area, but the pixie is very flighty and the party is unimpressed by the neat snapping turtle nest he knows about and as far as they can tell he has a bit of trouble tracking time on the mortal plane.


The party returns to Turtleback Ferry and the as per the news of their latest sending spell the followers of Abadar arrive with barges of supplies led by Paladin Garen. The party fills him in on the local situation and decide to investigate the wreckage of the Paradise they'd heard about when they first arrived in town. The wreckage is under 40 foot of water, but it provides little difficulty to the party's magical abilities. The wreckage is inhabited, unsurprisingly, by the notorious Pink-eye, a huge freshwater gar, that quickly falls to Zilryn's astounding psionic magic. The ship gives them no clues beyond showing obvious signs of sabotage. The party hauls in Pink-eye for a going away fest and leave on the barges the church of Abadar used from Magnimar. Vincent does make a point of getting some more of Keecher's delicious cranberry turtle egg pies and gets berated by Keecher when he offers to return the earlier pies he never got around to eating.


The barge ride back is uninteresting with the party spending a fair amount of time crafting and sharing some of the more interesting languages they'd picked up on their travels. They report back to Proctor Jyronn and tell him the news of Turtleback Ferry and the news of the Runelords. The party is a bit surprised at how stoically he takes the news, but he explains he's worked with the Pathfinder Society long enough to not try to micro manage a competent party of adventurers. He gives the Thistles his full confidence and offers them what aid he is able if they find a need of it.


Feda becomes a bit stubborn on convincing Purrcival to use the newly found Lore Needle and insists on Vincent tapping the large six inch magical needle into her skull. After a few delicate taps into the skull, she shows Purrcival that it isn't cursed and works as advertised. With some hesitation he agrees to use the item despite his misgivings and after insisting it be sanitized lets Feda perform the surgery to install the Lore Needle.


DM Notes:

  • Magnimar shopping done off screen, but next session will cover some RP in Magnimar and Sandpoint. We'll head back to the dungeons there after!
  • People who have played the campaign before may notice I didn't jump right into the next book. I'm not a huge fan of the lack of downtime in the AP as written, so I've got things slightly slowed down (though with the dates already set so we'll see what happens on the party "lollygagging" around.


Challenges / Monsters Defeated:

  • Pinkeye the Giant Gar



End Date: Erastus (July) 10



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