Rise of the Runelords

Session Forty-Two


Present Players:  Vincent, {Late}Purrcival, Urtar, Aurelia, Jaren, Feda


Session Notes:

The Thistles next destination is the far flung village of Turtleback Ferry. It is the furthest holding owned by Magnimar and involves a long journey from Sandpoint. After some debate the party decides to take a relaxing ferry ride to the small village. During the voyage Aurelia and Feda work on various items using their crafting skills. Urtar, however, tries his best to be useful on the voyage by constantly badgering the crew on how he can be helpful. This constant pestering does not earn him any friends and he mostly ends up with simple tasks like mopping the deck which Urtar does with Vigor. Vincent makes a point of sampling all of the local cuisine at the various village stops along the way. He manages to get through the trip without food poisoning and is treated to some very unique cuisine.


Once in Turtleback Ferry the party is treated to a very small village and begin trying to learn the local lay of the land. They spend a day talking to villagers and learning about local rumors. They hear a variety of tales ranging from the giant Albino Gar known as Pinkeye sinking a pleasure cruise to the horrendous sounding Black Magga that lives in the Storval Deep, the massive lack held behind an ancient Thassilonian dam known as Skull's Crossing. There were also some rumors that the Leader of the Black Arrows is known to visit the nearby Shimmergleans for some unknown purpose.  Urtar spends some of his day shopping at Turtle's Candles and Soaps Shop, and buys a variety of soaps for the party. While shopping he notes a villager sporting a Sihedron Rune tattoo and tails the suspect throughout the day. He stalks the man to his home eventually and lets the party know what he has seen. Later that night Urtar also presents Aurelia with some nice smelling soap with rose petals in it because she is a lady and likes pretty things. For Feda, he presents her with a "manly" mineral based soap because she is not lady like.  He also presents Purrcival with a bar of the same soap because he is dainty and also likes pretty things.


The next day the party heads toward Fort Rannick, but on the way Purrcival hears the sound of a distressed animal. Investigating they find a firepelt cougar trapped in a large bear trap. The animal is clearly in great pain as they approach but reacts relatively calmly. Jaren easily recognizes it as a trained companion and the party begins working to free the creature. However, shortly after they begin breaking the trap the rest of the party hears a loud singing and the barking of hunting dogs. The singer turns out to be an ogrekin and is intent on murdering the trapped cat. The party heard that there was an ogrekin family in these woods known as the Graul who are known to be cruel, and this creature introduces itself as Rukus Graul demanding they let him murder the kitteh. The ogrekin sets his dogs on the party but it proves a quick fight as a well-placed fireball by Aurelia leaves the majority of the hounds staggered on their feet. Rukus does a few tenative thrusts with his spear before fleeing the fight as his dogs all fall to the party's fighting skills. Urtar and Aurelia (enchanted with expeditious retreat) manage to catch and defeat the fleeing ogrekin. The party continues following Rukus' trail and after passing some strange humanoid shaped fetishesand end up on the edge of a decrepit looking farmhouse and barn. The crops are all large but wrong looking — moldy and festering. The party following the firepelt's lead sneak over toward the farmhouse. The cougar stays crouched on the edge of the clearing while the rest of the party sneaks toward the house. They find the front porch adorned with numerous hanging bone windchimes. After seeing some very large bugs on the porch (a moth the size of a shovel head!) the party opts to use a side door instead of braving the porch. The side door opens into an absolutely sickening kitchen that smells of days old meat. The table has a veritable buffet for some large rodents that appear to be human fingers and thumbs in a bowl with the (relatively) freshly de-fingered hands in a bucket nearby. Feda veritably charges through the house (buffs have durations!) and eats a few traps in the adjacent dining room. The final room she charges into appears to be some sort of playpen with not so clean skulls and horrible finger paintings across the walls. Inside they find a collection of ogrekin who all look in attention at the dwarf that stumbled into their room.


DM Notes:

  • Rukus didn't really bring much Rukus
  • I'm using a new scaled rebalancing of the encounters. I'm curious to see how much it is going to be felt by the party.
  • Jaren finally got to let his maxed Handle Animal shine.




Rewards / Loot:

  • Acid Large Spear
  • Quilt made of Blackarrow patches


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Rukus Graul
  • 6 Graul Hounds


End Date: Sarenith 23



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