Rise of the Runelords

Session Forty-Three

Tentacles with Mammy

Present Players:  Vincent, Purrcival, Urtar, Aurelia, Jaren, Feda

Session Notes:

The Thistles facing down a group of seemingly grown Ogrekin who were busy playing with skulls and large rusty ogre hooks. They seemed much less developed mentally than the previous Ogrekin Rukkus, which is really quite impressive. The slow witted creatures all scream seeing some new toys to play with and charge the group with their toys ready for killing blows. The party is able to effectively coral the Ogrekin in the play room for the most part, and are able to pretty effectively defeat their opponents.


Feda spends no time trying to loot the room due to her numerous blessings running on relatively short durations. They assess a number of rooms for threats before Feda barges into a room at the end of a long hallway where she is suddenly blocked off by two tree trunk sized rotting legs belonging to a large Ogre zombie. Behind the Ogre floats a hideously obese Ogrekin woman who is surrounded by macabre painting supplies made of humanoid bones and paint made of various bodily fluids. Mammy Graul cackles at the party and sets her numerous ogre zombies onto the party then immediately falls into spellcasting. As she completes the spell rubbery black tentacles fill the hallway trapping the party in their crushing embrace. Urtar is able to use his expertise in grappling to fend off the rubbery doom, but he is unable to get by the crush of undead bodies blocking the doorway. Seeing no alternatives, he begins to smash his way through a nearby wall in hopes of making an alternate route to the spellcaster. The zombies mechanically swing heavy arms at Feda as she struggles in the tentacles, and the rest of the party are all pretty much trapped to ineffectualness due to the spacing and grapple of the tentacles. Feda is forced to tank the zombies and the spells from the floating spellcaster, and while doing so eats an enervation draining her life force. Urtar succeeds in breaking open the wall and finds himself in the house's living room. Urtar immediately jumps through the hole and finds the floor giving away beneath him as the couch and surrounding area collapsed into a spiked pit trap. He is reflexive enough to dodge the fall, but finds it difficult to swing through the hole. Meanwhile, Vincent manages to break free and enters the living room through the doorway. Urtar finally swings past the hole and begins breaking another entrance into the spellcaster's room. Purrcival uses his magical Boots of Escape to teleport into the open living room, and Aurelia and Jaren finally manage to escape the tentacle's grasp putting everyone but Feda in the living room.


Feda isn't able to push her way through the tentacles plus the ogres, but they're likewise unable to move the hardy dwarf warrior. Urtar finally breaks open the wall with the help of Jaren and Vincent, but the ogre on the other side of the wall promptly shoulder rushes Vincent backwards into the spiked pit. He lands hard catching a number of poisoned spikes in the back as he lands. The zombies continue frustrating the party's advance but through sheer number of hits they begin to wear down their opponents. The session ends with two of the five zombies down and the rest looking rough, but Feda is also beginning to feel the accumulated hits from the spellcaster and undead.

DM Notes:

  • The playpen fight didn't really accomplish much as far as taking HP resources, but it did force out a few spells from the party. I think this "dungeon" will be the first time the party has been nearly tapped out by the end of it.
  • Black tentacles is a really mean spell for the non-martials
  • The loudness of the party worked to Mammy's advantage as she was very well buffed for the party's arrival. Sadly, her only legit target was the dwarf with great fortitude and will saves so she wasn't able to bring a whole lot of pain.
  • I was really pleased with punting Vincent into the hole.

Rewards / Loot:

  • No time for loot, got buffs running

Challenges / Monsters:

  • 6 Graul Fighters


End Date: Sarenith 23



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