Rise of the Runelords

Session Forty-Five

What a barn burner!

Present Players:  Vincent, Urtar, Aurelia, Jaren, Feda

Session Notes:

The Thistles head to the barn and find themselves facing down Mammy once again with six of her malformed children. Urtar reacts in a split second to brutally take one of the Grauls down, but that doesn't deter the rest of the family from charging the party. Jaren and Feda manage to take another down, but Mammy responds with a suffocating spell on Jaren who falls unconscious as the air magic works to keep him from breathing. Vincent unable to heal Jaren from the insidious magic opts to bash an Ogrekin about the face with his mace while Aurelia tries to overcome Mammy's magic with a dispel magic. The obese Ogrekin matriarch's magic proves the stronger and Jaren nears the verge of death from the lack of air. Purrcival puts a stop to Mammy's magic with a surprisingly successful glitterdust (Natural One!). Urtar continues to rampage through the Ogrekin teaching them to fear the monk's fists and feet. Mammy unable to assist without sight blinks out of existence much to the confusion of the party who were unable to determine the spell she used. With their mother abandoning them the remaining Ogrekin struggle briefly against the party before being defeated.


Seeing another double door deeper in the barn the party charges forth with gusto. Opening the door they find a room absolutely layered with spider webs. As Feda begins to push her way through an elephant sized spider charges out of a hole in the ground. Aurelia interrupts its charge with a fireball which clears the room of webbing and singes the gigantic spider. Jaren charges in swiping at the spider's limbs, but is paid back in turn as it sinks fangs dripping with venom into the warder. Purrcival nopes out and retreats toward the front of the barn while singing. Vincent does likewise attempting to get to the upper level of the barn where he can see some unconscious prisoners, however, he is interrupted from his rescue mission as another Graul shows up. This ogrekin as backward facing knees and makes a massive sneak attack against Vincent. Urtar jumps on Biggin' the spider and somehow manages to trip the massive creature (Natural Twenty!). Leaving the prone spider to Feda and Jaren, he charges back toward the entrance to help Vincent. Crowfood the last remaining ogrekin manages to hold his own briefly before being dropped by the Thistles.


Feda and Vincent see to the humans in the cage at the back of the barn. They introduce themselves as Black Arrows who were captured after a failed attack on Fort Rannick. They explain their home has been taken over by an Ogre clan known as the Kreeg's and they are the last living Black Arrows that they know of in the valley. The party helps heal them up and everyone agrees to rest at the barn before deciding on their next moves. Before resting the Thistles scout out the rest of the macabre house to pick up any loot they missed on their first expedition. They find a number of disturbing things in their search but also manage to reclaim a fair amount of loot including the Black Arrows' personal gear which they return. The Black Arrow Rangers all agree to help the reclaiming of the fort and sketch out a quick map for the party to use for planning.

DM Notes:

  • The party wraps up the Graul farm, but Mammy escapes. I'm sure this will be the turning point in her life and she certainly won't be after the Thistles for revenge later.
  • Some pretty nice rolls tonight. Blinding Mammy was a good turn stopping her from dropping her remaining spells on the party, and tripping the spider was entertaining if nothing else.
  • I'm looking forward to the Ogre fights in Fort Rannick, but I think they will suffer the same as the Ogrekin. They don't have huge attack bonuses but hit like trucks when they connect.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Assorted Coinage, Gems, and Jewelry
  • 3 Masterwork Cleavers (Hand axes)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Gloves of Arrow Snaring
  • Masterwork Ogre Hook
  • Masterwork Hide Armor


Challenges / Monsters:

  • 6 Generic Graul Fighters
  • Mammy Graul (Part 2)
  • Crowfood
  • Biggin' the Ogre Spider
  • Various Graul Farm Traps


End Date: Sarenith 23



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