Rise of the Runelords

Session Fifty-One to Session Fifty-Three

Ogre Slip & Slide

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival


This is a bit of a slap-dash post because these sessions basically consisted of the party fighting the main force of ogres stationed at the Fort. It was a long bloody affair, but the party managed to escape triumphant despite some close calls. 


Session Notes:

  • The party rehashes what's happened and reviews old notes to see if they can figure out what the Sihedron rune was doing on people
  • Deciding to hunt for more Sihedron tattoos, Purrcival throws on a little comedy skit for the market crowds
  • Purrcival afterwards talks to Howard and gets some info about the tattoo. It was a "members-only" tattoo for the Paradise pleasure cruise. The party learns that the Paradise burned and sank around the time Fort Rannick was sacked
  • The party heads back to Fort Rannick. Aurelia, Urtar, and Jakardros distracts the Ogres near the gate and a horde of running ogres gives pursuit giving Party B (Vincent, Feda, Jaren, and Purrcival) a chance to enter the "hidden" tunnels
  • The party is greeted with an ogre on watch who yells back into the cave to warn the others. Jaren moves to engage after being freshly buffed from Feda.
  • Ogres are treating this cave as a slip and slide because they can't roll over a 5 on acrobatics
  • Jaren charges the ogre on watch and trades big blows with him. He drops the ogre but takes a big Ogre hook hit from another ogre approaching.
  • More Ogres come from the caverns but the majority of them continue to slip as they come into the cavern.
  • Jaren continues to throw down with the ogres in the cave as the rest of the party finally conquer the 10 foot climb up
  • Purrcival hears a lot of ogres coming from the fort and sees the first of the horde come around the lake
  • Ogres are slain left and right.
  • Lucrecia shows up with a laugh and welcomes the party back
  • They panic a bit
  • Blessings of Fervor from Feda lets Purrcival drop an enlarged silence on Lucrecia to stop her buffing
  • A blast of AoE spells drops ogres with Rain of Blades and double Holy Word
  • Jaren drops a couple of the ogres with criticals, leaving the heroes not so outnumbered
  •  Lucrecia dimension doors away as Jaren lands a staggering critical hit
  • Purrcival slapping hands an ogre nearly to death (0 hp)
  • The party finally proclaims victory in the Slip & Slide Cave
  • They retreat to the Graul Farm and rest (and level!)
  • As the session ends the party hears/feels a rumble and the sound of rushing water. It seems like the rain has finally taken down the damn



DM Notes:



Rewards / Loot:



Challenges / Monsters:

  • 18 Ogres
  • ~5 Ogre Fighters (A few managed to retreat)
  • Lucrecia (Retreated via Dimension Door)


End Date: Sarenith 27



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