Rise of the Runelords

Session Fifty-Nine

Fervent Toadstool Duel

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival


Session Notes:

The party sets off for the Kreeg Stronghold early the next morning and is soon deep within the wilds near Fort Rannick. Jakardros warns the party there's a hill giant in the area, but it seems to be uninterested in humans so the Black Arrows have left it alone. As luck would have it, the party gets through his territory unmolested by the giant or any other creatures. Once the party gets higher up into the mountains the party are well served by their cold weather gear and Endure Elements spells because the air quickly gets into hypothermia territory. The party is surprised to find some friendly faces in this very hostile terrain. The Thistles come upon a trio of gnomes from the local gnomish village of Sipplerose. The gnomes invite them to share their fire and introduce themselves as: Exultant Maple (Female Gnome Ranger, Leader of the Band), Startled Dove (Gnome Female Druid, inexperienced but knowledgeable), and Fervent Toadstool (Gnome Male Fighter, Overconfident and inexperienced). While Feda trades for a few of the gnome's slipstream potions, Fervent Toadstool declares he will duel Jaren and if Jaren wins he can have the potion. After a bit of hesitation, Jaren agrees to the excitable gnome and has a relatively easy time of scoring touches on the smaller fighter. He has potential but can't match up with Jaren's experience. The two parties chat a bit more and the Thistles learn the gnomes are in the region finding magical components for their village's crafts.


Their lunch is cut short when a gargantuan ice tarantula attacks. The gnomes had warned the party that there was a witch in the area cursing creatures by turning them into ice statues and the spider seems to have fallen to such a fate as it skitter forward in an unnatural rage. The fight is a short one with only Feda taking a bite from the spider's poisonous fangs. Fervent nearly charges to his death, but some quick thinking by Jaren convinces him to hold the line. After defeating the gigantic icy beast the two groups split ways, but not before Exultant gives the party a token and an invitation to Sipplerose.


The final trek up the mountain is arduous but thanks to Torag's magic  granting Feda the ability to walk on air, and some very skilled party members the Thistles avoid any further dangers. As they get nearer to the peak the weather begins to kick up and become dire. However, just as visibility is dropping they spy a trickle of smoke from a cave with two ogre guards nearby. Vincent is able to blind both the creatures with a well-placed burst of radiance, and the two blind ogres quickly fall to the party.


The siege of Hook Mountain has begun!


DM Notes:

  • The gnomes were well received. I was glad Jaren played along with the duel.
  • I described the potions as edible plants which I think is partly why the party traded for them even though the spells aren't that impressive.


Rewards / Loot:

  • Potions of Slipstream


Challenges / Monsters Defeated:

  • Icy Giant Tarantula
  • 2x Ogre Fighters


End Date: Sarenith 30



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