Rise of the Runelords

Session Fifty-Five

A dam's con-troll room

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival


Session Notes:

After taking some time to heal after their brief encounter with Black Magga in which they also searched the ettin's lair, the party continued toward the dam's center where the party assumes there must be some sort of control room. The "control room" is made up of three large skull shaped buildings forming a bulbous growth in the center of the dam. The structure has clearly seen some battle as both sets of door show where creatures have brute forced their way through. One has been hastily fortified, while the southern set of doors seemed to be locked from within. The party opts out of dealing with either door and goes in through one of large eye sockets that make up the building's windows. Inside the skull shaped room they find a collection of rough, filthy heaps of trash that creatures are using for bedding. Opening the door leading out of the sleeping chamber the party finds themselves looking into a room that has seen recent battle. There are a couple of dead ogres and 4 very angry trolls looking toward the party. The two groups charge into battle with Feda's defensive giant training leading the way. The trolls lead with warcries of "KILL DEM FOR DA WET PAPA!" and "MURDER THEM FOR GRAZUUL!" and put up a pretty stout fight. However, the party has plenty of access to fiery magic that stops their regeneration and Feda proves a bulwark against the creature's aggression as Jaren moves in and out of combat slicing them up. There's a couple of hairy moments where the party is flanked by a clever troll, but the party is able to reorient and deal with the threat to the backline.


After the battlefield is clear and the regenerating trolls are permanently cleared the party clears out the rest of top floor of the dam. They find a bit of a stash the trolls have hidden behind a loose brick and Purrcival illuminates the party on some of the native plant life when they come across a room full of smelly Hag's Hair moss. The final room the party explores has double doors covered in more trollish scrawling warning any intruders that "THE GREAT GRAZUUL" rests below. that The party descends further into the dam following a corkscrew shaped stair that leads into the dark, damp center of the structure. At the stair's base they find double doors which reveal the "Wet Papa" that the troll's seemed to worship. As guessed by Purrcival the trolls were worshipping a freshwater scrag wielding a massive adamantine trident. The creature uses one of its trinkets to summon a few water elementals to aid in combat, but its efforts are for naught when a spell strikes it blind. The party is able to pretty quickly strike down the disabled scrag and search the room. They find a stone chamber with multiple doors leading out. One set of double doors is blocked by a large pile of skulls that must number in the hundreds. Each of them polished clean and lovingly stacked in a gruesome monument to something.


DM Notes:

  • Some well-placed blinds stopped a number of hits from landing in the troll and scrag fights
  • Grazuul dropped fast thanks to his pitiful AC. He had some good striking ability, but he rolled a 1 and then became blinded so he dropped faster than his minions.
  •  The party is understandably nervous about any room that mentions fungus or heavy vegetation.



Rewards / Loot:

  • Cracked Emerald
  • Golden Comb in the shape of a Behir
  • 330 Gold Coins
  • Barbed Troll Claws x4
  • Gauntlets of Rending
  • Potion of Bull Strength x2
  • Potion of Protection from Energy (Fire)
  • Pink Frilly Gloves of Climbing and Swimming
  • Vicious Adamantine Trident (Large)



Challenges / Monsters:

  • 3 Troll Brutes
  • 1 Troll Berserker
  • Grazuul, Wet Papa
  • 4 Water Elementals


End Date: Sarenith 27



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