Rise of the Runelords

Session Fifty-Eight

Kreeg Throwdown

Present Players:  Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival


Session Notes (Pretty much combat only):

The session starts with us confirming that Feda did not perish in the last fight, and then we jump right back into the fight. The party continues to tangle with the remaining leaders of Kreeg clan. Dorella manages to drop a sleep spell on the party, but fortunately for the party the only person that succumbs to it is the already confused Purrcival. Vincent returns the spell play with a holy smite that blinds the lesser ogre fighters. Jaagrath continues to try to use his Human-bane ogrehook to end Jaren and Vincent. Feda manages to get some healing from Vincent and whales away on the barbarian ogre which gets him low but he rages toward Jaren. Jaren uses one of his remaining maneuvers to dodge under the massive ogre hook and slice the ogre chieftain down. Dorella who at this point had turned invisible rages at the party and drops another confusion catching Purrcival again. Feda casts True Sight on Jaren revealing the invisible ogre and drops her low with a flurry of strikes. Vincent confirms the kill with a flame strike from the heavens which leaves the ogre sorceress as nothing more than cinders.


Afterwards, the party takes some time to make sure the fort is clear of any other ogres and helps with the remains of the Black Arrows that the ogres had desecrated. They recover a few magical items from the commander's room and with Jakardros' permission take them in the hopes they'll be useful. With the fort secure, they decide to head deep into the Hook Mountain and strike directly at the Kreeg clan hold. They take a rest at the fort and head out prepared with cold weather gear in the morning.


DM Notes:

  • Tough fight, but the party pulled through pretty well


Rewards / Loot:

  • Boots of Mire
  • Large Human Bane Ogre Hook
  • Large Masterwork Leather
  • 3x Large Masterwork Ogre Hook
  • Wand of Acid Arrow (44 Charges)
  • Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (3)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds


Challenges / Monsters Defeated:

  • Jaagrath Kreeg
  • Dorella Kreeg
  • 3x Kreeg Fighters
  • Kreeg Ogre



End Date: Sarenith 29



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