Rise of the Runelords

Session 23

Some Misgivings

Present Players:  Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Purrcival, Feda, Eydan


Session Notes:

Dr. Erin invites the party into the cell to see Grayst, but they are still a bit leery of trusting the man so instead Purrcival, Feda, and Jaren go into his cell. They find Grayst Savillo wasting away from a disease that Feda quickly identifies as a particularly late stage of ghoul fever. She knows that he is on the cusp of death but thanks to Torag's blessing has the magic to potentionally heal the man. Dr. Erin gives her the go ahead after having his two orderlies hold the man, and Feda goes into spellcasting. Her first spell fails to remove the ailment from the man, but she has come prepared and pulls a  scroll out of her pack. The second casting of remove disease is enough to free the man from the rot coursing through his body, but it does nothing to save the poor man's mind. After a bit of prompting he begins to mutter about razors and a face with too many teeth. He also mumbles about a being called the "Skinsaw Man". While the good doctor is distracted Vincent once again tries to talk to the manic wererat, Pidgeot, but he fails to get much of a response. The party quietly confers to see if anyone recognizes the Skinsaw Man moniker but no one has heard of such a person (or creature). Erin insists that the patient needs his rest once the party has finished the interview, and promptly escorts them out. Everyone is a bit suspicious of the doctor, but with no further evidence all vacate the premises.


The group decides to head back to Sandpoint and do some more research. Feda remembered that the only "Lordship" that has a particular grudge against Eydan is Aldern Foxglove. When the noble was annoyed at the group for not joining him in his hunt Eydan threw a copper in his face with an insult which caused the man to storm off in anger. Purrcival does he does best and researched the man by talking to some contacts around town. A few hours later he returns to the Rusty Dragon with a ton of information on the Foxglove's ancestral manor. It is allegedly haunted due to a series of very unfortunate events. He tells them that the manor is over 80 years old, and that tragedy struck there some decades ago which caused it to be uninhabited since. The locals call the manor the "Misgivings" and it has a terrible reputation with the locals. There have been strange lights shown in the windows, muffled screaming in the abandoned home, and even rumors of a huge bat winged devil in the caves beneath the manor. The house was initially built by Vorel Foxglove, a merchant prince from Magnimar, who lived there with his family for nearly twenty years before his whole family died very suddenly of a horrible disease. The place was shunned by the family for nearly 40 years before Traver Foxglove moved backed into the home. Then nearly twenty years ago the servant's quarter was burned down and Cyralie Foxglove was found dead – burnt and dashed on the rocks below the house. Traver Foxglove was found dead in his bedroom by his own hand, the young children (including Aldern) were sent away to distant Korvosa to be raised by a relation. When Aldern returned years later he tried to get some locals to help repair the place but had a hell of timing getting anyone to work there. He did eventually hire Rogers Craesby to tend the manor and evict any squatters but hasn't had any luck doing full repairs. Purrcival also heard rumors that the Foxglove family is associated with the Brothers of the Seven, a secretive gentlemen's club based in Magnimar that have a number of strange rumors associated with them.


The party decides to rest the nigh then go check out this "Misgivings" the next morning while the sun was shining brightly. They make the ride down near the manor with no strange occurrences and leave their horses a mile or so away from the manor just in case it is cursed as rumor says it is. The first thing they come upon is a burned down servant's quarters with a very deep well next to it. The well attracts some interest but no one is willing to enter into it to do a more thorough investigation when they realize it is nearly a 100 foot drop into a deep pool. With that they begin to search around the house trying to find the best way to enter. Eydan scouts about and finds a couple of entrances, and after a bit of debate they decide to approach the front door. Feda casts a circle of protection from evil on Eydan just in case the place is haunted, and Purrcival casts open/close on the front door. Purrcival is rewarded with a discordant clang in his mind as the spell fails, apparently the home did not appreciate the attempt. Eydan begins to pick the lock on the front door and after a lot of effort manages to open the rusted lock. The party is greeted with a trophy room with a huge stuffed manticore in the middle of the foyer. They glare at it for a bit, but it doesn’t leap forward to eat anyone's face so the party enters the mansion. As Aurelia gets close to the stuffed creature Eydan perceives the smell of burned hair and sees the stuffed manticore smolder a bit. Just as he is about to comment on it an ethereal, flaming face of a woman with red hair replaces the manticore's head and she screams at Aurelia as the manticore's tail snaps forward covered in flame. The flaming stinger strikes true and delivers a ferocious blow to Aurelia, then just as suddenly the manticore is once again just a stuffed hunting trophy. The party panics a bit but after a bit of conferring decide that the object is haunted. Haunted house theory confirmed. The party slowly explores the rest of the house making sure not to touch anything thinking that it would be best to get a lay of the land before spending more time in each room. They successfully get the layout without triggering anymore haunts. The manor is completely covered in molds and funguses, and there are a number of ominous and strange objects in the rooms. Vincent and Jaren spend some time investigating the drawing room where an abandoned easel and canvas has a strange circular pattern of fungus growing on it. Purrcival spends some time examining some massive colored glass windows that show large creatures (a treant, a roc, a leviathan, and a sphinx) being pulled into a strange rune covered box as the creature are wide eyed in terror. Eydan does find a badly diseased rat trapped in an iron bath tub, but puts it down with an arrow before it manages to escape. Purrcival and Aurelia examine the library where Aurelia finds a red and gold scarf that shows no sign of mold or fungus that covers the rest of the home. She pokes and prods at the scarf but it doesn't seem to be anything more than an article of clothing. Eydan finds a broken stone bookend that is covered in bits of flesh, hair, and pieces of skull near an overturned chair. He surmises that someone was brained with a statue in a surprise attack, perhaps while the occupants of the two chairs were examining a book spread between them. Purrcival checks out the book and it appears to be a Varisian family tree, but he isn't able to find any significant clues. Jaren examines little puffs of dust that show up in front of one of the fireplaces and as he steps near them he is suddenly struck with a vision. He feels that is in inhabiting the mind of a worried woman who is concerned with what her husband is doing in the many late nights he has spent in the basement. She is suddenly panicked and knows that she has to escape the house with her daughter before whatever her husband is doing brings ruin down upon them. About this time Vincent sees a panicked looking Jaren run around the corner and grab his hand insisting that they need to escape. Vincent quickly realizes that Jaren is under some sort of enchantment, but plays along as he loudly proclaims oh yes we should escape. The rest of the party reacts and Eydan runs over still blessed by Feda's magical circle. The magic of the circle is able to suppress the enchantment and Jaren explains to the party what just happened. Aurelia knows that magical effect was likely a suggestion which has a very long duration, much longer than the magical circle.


//Session ends with the party debating how to handle the new enchantment laid upon their warder


DM Notes:

  • It was neat that the party was able to heal Grayst. The module assume he succumbs to the fever during the party's visit.
  • The party  went to the Misgivings a bit earlier than I expected so I had to do some rule verifications on the hauntings.
  • The Misgivings have a weird encounter design for the haunts, due to the way the hauntings are designed that only certain people are keyed to them they aren't necessarily guaranteed to be triggered/found. Which is sort of annoying because they tell a lot of the story of the place.


Rewards / Loot:



Challenges / Monsters:

  • Grayst's Ghoul Fever
  • Manticore haunt
  • Diseased Rat
  • Worried Wife haunt


End Date: Desnus 12



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