Rise of the Runelords

Session 20

Undead Under the Temple

Present Players:  Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Purrcival (Late), Feda, Eydan


Session Notes:

The search of the temple continues with the party electing to explore the lower levels before returning to the archeologist's camp. Eydan scouts out the ladder leading downward and notices scuff marks that appear recent on the iron ladder, and once he arrives at the bottom he finds a stone and clay wall broken outward into another hallway that appears relatively recent compared to the rest of the temple. The room he finds himself in has walls covered with horrible scenes of mutilation and torture with the ground beneath the figures feet filled with tentacles that all end with various vicious looking claws and talons. It is very reminiscent of the statue that the party found on the first floor of the temple. Eydan continues scouting as the rest of the party enters the room under the ladder, to the north of the broken door he says a number of humans who to be appear frozen and preserved in various torturous positions. He watches them a bit to make sure they won't spring to life before heading to the south. The southern hallway has a large mural showing a quaint village in a mountain valley, but over the mountains oozes a tentacled horror with a terrible maw looming toward the tranquil village. Further exploration finds the hallway ends in a roughhewn wall that closely resembles the broken one the party found earlier. The adventurers gather and Feda uses her blessings from Torag to tear it down. It is broken apart surprisingly easily and the party hears a loud crash down the hallway and from the destroyed wall oozes out a thick black goo. The black ooze churns with skeletal creatures reaching out of it and before the party can react to the new threat the ooze spews out nearly a dozen skeletons covered in the thick ooze's mucus. Feda finds herself surrounded by the skeletons that bludgeon her with ooze covered claws, but Vincent is able to channel the power of Saranrae and burn away the majority of the skeletons. After Vincent channels a couple of times the undead are pretty easily managed with the undead spawning ooze offering little resistance once the minions are killed. After the combat the party finds themselves trapped by a large stone block that has blocked off the passage they initially came through. Purrcival is able to solve the problem with his Wand of Detect Secret Doors with which he quickly finds a hidden doorway. Eydan checks it for traps and opens it to find a number of ghouls and a very insane ghast priest.


The cleric offers no words to the party as he and his allies charge. The cleric has clearly been preparing for the party as one of his ghoul allies appears to shimmer with magical effects. Undeterred Jaren charges into the room and begins to fend off a contingent of the ghouls. He does a good job of keeping them busy as the rest of his party moves into the room. Eydan is able to shoot down the magically enhanced ghoul with a few well-placed arrows which stops it from causing any significant havoc in the fight. The ghast tries to remove Jaren from the fight with a cause fear spell, but Purrcival is able to give him a saving finale to resist the spell. The fight continues with the ghast cleric finally joining the melee. He nearly eviscerates Vincent with some sort of abyssal power, but the stout cleric of Saranrae manages to stay on his feet. With Jaren continuing to cause issues, the ghast bestows a curse on him severely hampering his attempts at combat. Another flurry of attacks by the ghast and the remaining ghoul cause Vincent and Jaren to become paralyzed. The fight is looking pretty dire, but Aurelia comes through with a clutch grease spell which breaks the cleric's momentum. The melee party members close in and manage to put the creature on its last legs despite its attempt to channel negative energy for health. Weakened the ghast leans against the central pillar where it manages to survive an absolute barrage of attacks before finally being defeated by some expert shots by Eydan. The relieved party heals up after the fight and loots the room. Aurelia recovers another piece of the Acrimony Veil, now possessing 2/4 of the mask. They find the cleric was a devotee of Yamasoth (unsurprisingly) and the room is full of murals showing despicable acts of torture. Finding another secret door back to the initial hallway the party heads north to examine the torture victims frozen in place.


Though ominous the statues prove harmless and the party continues forward to find a large room of flayed bodies. Throughout the room there are skinned corpses along with piles of nearly intact skins. Eydan scouts the room as is usual, and is greatly disturbed when he hears a dry rustle from one of the skin piles. Like a sheet in the wind it and a number of other skin piles come to un-life and attempt to tighten themselves around the archer. He manages to react quickly enough to flee the disgusting creatures which the clerics are able to recognize as Skinwraiths. The creatures attempt to engulf living creatures and merge with their skin so that they are whole once more. Jaren suffering from the curse becomes entangled with one of the flying sheets of skin and it desperately tries to fit itself over him. The rest of the party manage to fend off the other Skinwraiths relatively easily though no one enjoys the encounter. After fending off the Skinwraiths, the party finds another room behind a clay wall. The room is dominated by numerous corpses hanging from the ceiling by spiked wires with their eyes sewn open and their mouths sewn shut. The party initially feel as if the corpses are tracking them with their eyes, but manage to shake off the effect. The adventurers carefully move under the bodies, and manage to pass by without being disturbed. Past the corpse room the party finds a deep pit with sharp looking spikes on the bottom. Eydan attempts to navigate over a narrow lip on the cave wall, and is surprised to hear a murmuring sound turn into a roar, almost as if a mob is coming. He feels a violent tug that attempts to rip him off the wall, but he manages to resist the effect. On the other side of the hole he finds another statue to Yamasoth and on it there is a part of the Acrimony Veil. The statue teleports Eydan back to the flayed room and he takes the opportunity to sneak up on Purrcival with a shout. Purrcival lets out a none to manly scream and floofs out like any surprised cat. The party still missing the last piece of the mask once again uses the wand of detect secret doors. Purrcival finally finds a secret door in the long hallway to the south. In the last room the party finds four wrathspawn playing with two fresh looking corpses. One of the bodies is carrying a strange metal orb that detects as divination magic, but has no obvious use. The same dead adventurer has an intricate blue tattoo all across his scalp. Aurelia finds the last piece of the veil on a statue in the room, and the party satisfied with their haul and relatively confident the temple is safe begin to head back to Mersoolian's camp.



DM Notes:

  • Undead make for fun descriptions, particularly the Skinwraiths were well received.
  • Not sure I feel about haunts, I need to do more reading so I can run them more smoothly.
  • I did some ad-hoc adjustments upward on combat difficulty, but I think I'm getting to the point where I have a pretty good feeling of what the characters can handle
  • My buffer of stuff is empty, I've got to do some work to get the next adventure into roll20
  • Aurelia now has a fancy intimidating mask



Rewards / Loot:

  • Deathless Chainshirt
  • Onyx Gem (100 GP)
  • Surgical/Torture Tools (Rare materials) (2,000 GP)
  • Acrimony Veil
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds
  • Random Coins
  • Strange Metal Orb (Magical)


Challenges / Monsters:



End Date: Desnus 4



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