Rise of the Runelords

Session 16


Present Players: Eydan, Jaren, Feda, Vincent, Purrcival

Session Notes:

The party starts the session with a freshly greased Eydan in the claws of Malfeshnekor. Despite the magical grease covering the archer, Malfeshnekor manages to keep his grip and prepares to squeeze the life from Eydan. However, Feda is able to assist with a magical spell Liberating Command which allows him to slip free and safely out of the barghest's large clawed hands. Growling in rage Malfeshnekor unleashes a demoralizing spell down the corridor hitting most of the party and blocks the doorway trapping Eydan. Purrcival fights against the crushing despair with a rousing comedic routine that boosts the party's spirits. Aurelia once again summons magical grease and in a shocking turn of events (Natural 1) the creature smashes to the ground prone in front of Feda and Jaren who are well prepared to deliver some hurt. Vincent finishes his spell to summon a celestial distraction/Hyena. The creature actually manages to latch onto the barghest's arm before having its head ripped off by a set of immense jaws. While Malfeshnekor is distracted Eydan tries to slip by, but he also has  a large chunk taken out of him as he maneuvers about the small room. Jaren manages to slice into the barghest and the fiendish blood seems to awaken something within his blade. The marvelous blade is suddenly covered in blue and white electrical sparks as it slices into the beast. The over confident attempts to stand but immediately regrets his decision as Feda plants her war hammer solidly on the creature's skull and Jaren lands a solid blow. Eydan manages to get far enough away to pepper the creature with arrows. Vincent blesses Jaren's weapon to cause it to grow with divine flame, and Jaren uses the magical blade to deliver a critical strike removing Malfeshnekor's head from its shoulders. The body quickly disintegrates into lifeless ash leaving the party extremely pleased that such a strong foe was conquered with no deaths.


The rest of the session is spent cleaning up Thistletop's loose ends. They loot the barghest's room finding a couple of Thassilonian Guardian Statues, mostly of interest to collectors, and a magical ring that creates a pane of force in the shape of a Sihedron Rune. Purrcival goes on a hunt for secret doors and waves his wand of Detect Secret Doors across the complex, but mostly comes up empty on the hunt. Feda, Orik, and Purrcival go up and begin to repair the rope bridge. It takes a bit of effort, but thanks to Feda's spells and Purrcival's climbing ability they are able to safely secure the bridge once again. Jaren gets the warhorse to cooperate and enlists it in hauling loot from the fort. Eydan and Aurelia are able to finally find the chest associated with the iron key they found earlier, but are massively disappointed that it is in a secret door behind the disgusting privy. Jaren, Eydan, and Aurelia manage to get it out with no unfortunate accidents and find a random assortment of loot that looks mostly to be stolen from unfortunate travelers. While all of this is going on Vincent busies himself trying to find Kyrie's cat familiar, he recovers the cat's bedding and a few well-worn toys from the area. He spends a long time searching the fort before eventually searching outside the walls. During his search he finds a much larger and very angry Firepelt Cougar that belonged to the Goblin Druid. The party debates on how to handle it and after a few failed attempts to gain its trust decide that they should leave the creature under the bush they found it. The familiar, Skivver, is finally find in a tree on the edge of the island and with a lot of prompting deigns to come down to Vincent.  Eydan does a bit of tracking to see if they can follow the Chief and his gecko but he eventually loses the tracks due to the creature's climbing ability.


With Thistletop behind them the party heads back to Sandpoint. The party is relieved to see that the town is perfectly fine. They head to the Rusty Dragon and find Amieko missing due to her new busy life as an aristocrat. However, Bethana greets the party and makes them feel very welcome. The taproom lets out a cheer as they enter and the town seems to be in better spirits now that the threat of goblin attack seems dissipated. Bethana delivers a message that has come from Magnimar, Mersoolian's expedition will be launching soon and he should be in Sandpoint in roughly 8 days. He wants to head toward the Hollow Mountain in the Varisian Bay. Purrcival confidently lets the party know that the bay was once part of the Runelord Alaznist's domain before it was sunk into the sea by a rival. The next day is spent coordinating a meeting with the town's leaders (Father Zantus, sheriff Hemlock, and Mayor Deverin). The party also gets rid of some of their loot thanks to the local merchants and the Priestess of Abadar, Sister Arva.


DM Notes:

  • The barghest fight went surprisingly well for the party. Malfeshnekor is a well-known party killer for this campaign path, so I'm glad the party was able to handle him.
  • Critical hits from x3 weapons don't really care if you have damage reduction.
  • Jaren's sword gets a bit more powerful though it has already made a number of fights easily thanks to bypassing magic damage reduction pre-level 4.
  • I'm glad they sniffed out the goblin chest. It is a fair amount of loot at this level.



Rewards / Loot:

  • Ring of Force Shield
  • Thassilonian Guardian Statues
  • 7,432 Coppers
  • 2,490 Silvers
  • 89 Gold
  • 3 Platinum
  • Leather Pouch with 34 badly flawed Malachites (1 GP each)
  • Medium Chain Shirt
  • Medium Masterwork Scimitar
  • Pair of Masterwork Manacles
  • Gold Holy Symbol of Sarenrae (100GP)
  • Jade Necklace (60GP)
  • Fine Blue Silk Gown with Silver Trim (150GP)


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Malfeshnekor
  • Tangletooth, Druid Companion
  • Skivver
  • Rope Bridge


End Date: Spring 24



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