Rise of the Runelords

Session 15

Thistletop - Now Under New Ownership

Present Players: Eydan, Jaren, Aurelia, Feda, Vincent

Session Notes:

After a bit of waiting to see if the retreating goblins would rally for a second attack the party followed after them. They soon found the remnant of the goblin forces at the edge of the island's steep cliff where the rope bridge once stood. However, the goblins hadn't had time to repair since Jaren cut it down to save his allies from a watery death. That left them with a single strand of rope across the very wide ravine. As the heroes approached a few put up a token defense trying to slow the approaching heroes, and the goblin warchanter was able to slow them further with an illusionary stone wall. A few goblins and Kyrie tried their hands at balancing across the rope, but none of them managed to make it to safety across the rope besides Chief Ripnugget on his trusty gecko steed. He tried to rally his goblins from a safe distance, but was quickly discouraged once Eydan shot a few arrows his way.


With Thistletop cleared of enemy forces the party set about exploring the various rooms thoroughly using mundane and magical means. The party learned that goblins are generally disgusting and the keep was resounding filthy. They recovered various bits of loot that the goblins had squirreled away in the overall refuse. They also found two goblins in the western watchtower that skipped the fighting. Apparently, after pigging out on some purloined pickles from the pantry they passed out with full stomachs. Feda put a quick end to the goblins, brooking no interruption from Vincent's call to capture the creatures. During the party's exploration they were able to find the missing warhorse from the Iron Wheel merchant company. The horse was in a foul mood, but with some luck Vincent was able to calm it down while Eydan provided some food and water. However, they haven't determined how to get the very large warhorse off the island. The party also found a few cages full of rabbits that were destined to be goblin dog chow, but will now be safely released off the island once they figure out how they're getting things off the island. In the Goblin Chief's room the party found a large iron key but so far they've not found the door it goes with. In the eastern watchtower Aurelia laid claim to two queen of diamonds from a mish mash of playing cards the goblins were using. The grand looting tour continued on the lower floors of Thistletop. The party managed to recover the burned remains of Nualia's father, Ezakien Tobyn, from an altar to Lamashtu with the intent to rebury it at Sandpoint.


On the lowest levels of Thistletop the party quickly passed the point to which Nualia's group had explored. The first room contained a pillar of golden coins that radiated magic and a stone door depicting two skeletons holding a skull. The party opted for the door and found themselves in an ancient crypt with a statue of a robed man wielding a glaive. Before the party had time to explore much of the crypt they were assaulted by undead shadows. Jaren took the brunt of the shadow's strength draining touch but Vincent's divine magic was able to quickly destroy the undead haunting the crypt. Further exploration found a flooded treasure room in which stood a gigantic golden helmet. As the party was debating how to get the very valuable helmet out of the crypt they were startled for it to stand up and charge them. It turns out a very large (and surprisingly angry) hermit crab had long ago laid claim to the golden headpiece. After forcefully evicting the helm's current occupant the party found themselves with a very large helmet that they have no idea how to remove from the island's treasure room. Purrcival was able to identify a mural showing the ancient lost city of Xin-Shalast, which was rumored to have streets of gold and buildings crafted of diamonds. He didn’t know much of the mythical realm but there is debate amongst scholars to say if it ever existed. Returning back to the magical column they were able to determine the "gold coins" were in fact an illusion. A thorough investigation revealed two narrow slots on either side of the pillar, and once Eydan inserted a couple of golden coins from the treasury the illusion covered stone pillar sank into the floor revealing a way forward. The next room the party explored featured an illusionary image on a loop speaking in ancient Thassilonian: "…is upon us, but I command you remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist's petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…". Purrcival was able to translate but couldn't place the speaker. The next room had a faint glow of transmutation magic and the party found some beautifully crafted surgical implements arrayed on a number of tables with leather straps. On one of the tables the party found a large gold and silver seven pointed star with one side showing smooth polished metal and the other covered in strange nodules and blades. They were momentarily confused until they investigated the final door of the dungeon. It was an impressive one with a magical Arcane Lock spell on it stopping any sort of entry, however, there was a seven pointed indentation that the "key" the party found easily fit into. As the party opened the door they were greeted with a warm room that smelled of burning hair, as per normal protocol Eydan moved in to scout the room for traps and found himself firmly grasped by burly clawed hands as a large creature had its invisibility broken. The creature tightened his grip on Eydan before demanding to be freed to reap havoc on the material plane. Clearly, this did not go over well for the party and they debated what to do with the creature as it tightened its claws around Eydan.


DM Notes:

  • The cleanup of the remaining goblin forces was as uneventful as expected. Turns out goblins don't really "rally" after losing a fight so much as panic
  • I was super impressed on far out Kyrie and some of the goblins made it out onto the rope before slipping and crashing into the ocean below.
  • There's a lot of magical loot floating around that the party hasn't been able to identify yet. This is annoying because it means I've got to remember what I replaced the generic Cloak of Resistance / +1 Armor stuff with during the session.
  • The giant hermit crab would have been a lot more threatening if I could of rolled higher than a 5
  • Purrcival has heard a lot of weird ass trivia, he managed to make a very difficult History check and fail to make some relatively (for his skill level) simple ones
  • Woo boy, Eydan is in a rough spot. Maybe I should recommend getting a spare character ready in case the party just shuts the door?


Rewards / Loot:

  • Pearl Daggers (Set of 6)
  • Silver Holy Symbol to Lamashtu
  • Iron Key
  • Masterwork Small Dogslicer
  • 3500 Silver
  • 630 Gold
  • 42 Precious Stones
  • Jade Amulet (Magic)
  • Giant's Gold Helmet
  • Surgical Tools
  • Sihedron Key


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Goblin Riff-Raff (~3 Goblin Commandos, 1 Goblin Bard, Lyrie, 1 Goblin Dog)
  • Two Pickle Thieving Goblins
  • 3 Shadows
  • 1 Giant Hermit Crab in a Helmet
  • 1 Greater Barghest (TBD)


End Date: Spring 23



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