Rise of the Runelords

Session 10

Sketchy Alchemy, Ancient Scrolls, and Prickly Woods

Present Players: Eydan, Purrcival, Jaren, Aurelia, Vincent, Feda



Session Notes:

The party returns to the town in pretty good shape all things considered, and they take some time to divide up the loot. The various magical trinkets that were recovered are divided among the party, and Aurelia takes some of the emeralds for use in some jewelry crafting. The party feels a bit bad about Farmer Meddles losing all of his livestock so they also spend some money to restock his farm to help him recover from the aggressive ankhegs. After a job well done they decide to rest and spend a day around town restocking while they wait for the sheriff to return with reinforcements from Magnimar.


Looking forward to spending some of their loot the party investigates the town's two alchemy shops. They find Bottled Solutions to be very well stocked for such a small town, but Purrcival is aware of some rumors in town that the shop's alchemy items are prone to have some unintended effects. The party cautiously buys a few items from the shop, but the rumors have them a bit nervous so they decide to visit The Pillbug's Pantry for the rest of their supplies. The shop specializes in healing herbs and a few potions and is run by a rather odd looking fellow named Aliver Podiker. Some minor items are bought, but the stronger potions are still a bit pricey for the party. Jaren and Purrcival make a side trip to visit Savah, Jaren is particularly excited to show off his new sword to his crush. He falters a bit after telling his story about his new sword and ends up dragging out a Purrcival barely able to contain his laughter.


Next they take the ancient scrolls recovered from the dungeon to The Curious Goblin bookstore. It is run by an old human ex-adventurer Chask Hadlan. When the party they enters they find the proprietor and Brodert Quink engaged in what seems a well-worn argument over a chess match that Brodert seems to be winning (the argument, not so much). Chask mostly ignores the group until Feda bumps Jaren in the back prompting him to show off the strange sword they found. This gets the two chess player's attention and they instantly begin to lob questions at the party while bouncing theories back and forth. For the most part only Purrcival is able to keep up with the two of them in regards to the history of Varisia, but the party is disappointed to learn they don't know much about the sword without further research. Once the two scholars realize the party is carrying a treasure trove of scrolls they beg permission to examine them and in exchange will try to determine more about the sword using their relatively large collection of books and scrolls.


The next day sheriff Hemlock returns with a good number of men provided by Justice Ironbriar from Magnimar. The sheriff is happy to report that Ironbriar was relatively prompt to meet him and also sent a long a trusted lieutenant , a half-elf named Elthon. Now that the sheriff is back in town the party tries to interrogate Tsuto but fail to convince the surly half-elf to give out any relevant information. Elthon volunteers to escort him back along with a few other guards so that Tsuto is brought to justice, most likely spending the rest of his life deep in The Hells, the underground dungeon/prison of Magnimar. Now that the party is confident the town is relatively well defended they head off towards Thistletop to see if they can find the humans that were helping Tsuto.


The party easily finds the Thistlewood, but they find it a bit difficult to navigate. They spend the majority of the day wandering the wood without much to show for it, however, they do manage to find Thistletop near the end of the day. Eydan examines the thorny wall that surrounds the shore, but is unable to progress much further. The party decides to retreat to town and return early in the morning to do more extensive scouting of the thistle patch. The next morning sees the party quickly returning to the wall and finding the hidden entrance. Eydan is able to scout it out finding a large number of goblins and some goblin dogs. The tunnels are too small for the party to fight in, so the party decides to lure the enemies out towards the entrance for an ambush. The tactic doesn't work out as ideally as the party hopes when the goblins are happy to ping the party with arrows  from the safety of the small tunnels. The attack is further complicated when a goblin wielding a flaming sword walks through the thorn wall and causes the plants in the area to writhe about and entangle the party. Feda nearly kills the goblin with a charge, but he manages to barely escape back through the thorn wall. The session ended with the battle well under way, next time the siege of Thistletop continues!


DM Notes:

  • Schrodinger's Mick decided to go with the re-roll from the Dream Journal, so we treated it as him getting knocked out only in the dungeon. It wouldn't have really changed much as the hydra would have still dissipated once the threat to the temple was gone.
  • The party got extremely nervous when I asked them to asterisk their items from Bottled Solutions evil laugh
  • Props to the low charisma people in the party. Eydan is rude and Jaren is awkward, very well done so far.
  • The party nearly tried a water assault. That would have been interesting, but they decided to go through the Thistlewood (can't disagree that does sound safety given the amount of armor some of the party wears).




Rewards / Loot:

  • Nothing in particular


Challenges / Monsters:

  • Ongoing Goblin Problems


End Date: Spring 21



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